About Me

I'm just getting started and I am hoping to connect with more models for bike shows and car shows. I am/will be in need of some ladies to model with bike and car show shoots. I am just starting out and looking for models to trade their time for my photographing them for their portfolios. You help me, I help you.

I can be reached at tsdhack@gmail.com for specifics. Let me know where you are and I may be able to come to you.

I have been doing photography for many years but I am now looking to do some freelance work and have some stuff published. Currently, I am trying to gain some more experience and then take a bigger step from there.

I am not a pervert or a crazed lunatic....just opening another chapter of my life experiences. Since my wife passed away, I seem to have taken old hobbies and passions to another level.

Feel free to email me at tsdhack@gmail.com