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About Me

What can I say about myself here that doesn't sound like bravado, false modesty, or worst of all: both?

I've been a photographer for a while. It started as a beloved hobby and is now a large part of who I am. There's very little I love more than getting a great image. In the last year or so I've also started working in video. It's opened up a whole new world for me and is quickly becoming my second love.

Why am I here? I want to work. I want to produce the best images I can and explore both my own concepts, and those of the models I work with. I love collaborating with models and hearing what they have to say. They say two heads are better than one and I've certainly found it to be true.

I suppose we should get the money thing out of the way right off the bat. I do hire models for paid work. I hire them when I'm getting paid. I also contact the models I'm looking to book. PLEASE don't send me a one sentence message asking me if I'm looking to book paid models. It's crass, and will only be ignored. To be honest if I have the chance to book a paid model I'll ALWAYS try to give the work to a model I've worked with already whenever possible.

In regards to TFCD shoots. I'm open to pretty much any concept with any model, except I don't do anything pornographic or involving explicit nudity ("spreads"). If you have an idea for your portfolio, and you like my work, drop me a line. If it's something I can use as well, then I'm all for it. I'll do the same if I get an idea I'd like to suggest to you. I use a specific release for TFCD shoots that allows me to use the images for self-promotion, but not for sale or commercial use. My logic is simple: if I'm getting paid you should too. I also provide a CD of all final, edited images (NOT all images, my duds are buried at a crossroads under the light of the full moon). This means that images are provided after the fact, however I have never failed to provide images and any model in my portfolio will confirm that.

As of December this is my primary form of income. Because of that I've started producing erotica videos for internet sale. I don't do pornography, and all nudity is non-explicit. If you're interested in acting and are comfortable with the concept, this is the one area of paid work that I'm booking on a regular basis just now. Just so you know: a lot of these videos are comedies right now so a good sense of humor is a plus.

I know it's a lousy business move to say this, but I'm always available for hire as well for events, parties, etc. However it's worthwhile to see if I'd like to add it to my portfolio first because if we do it TFCD you'll save money! LOL!