About Me

Yes, Yes, Yes, I am still Moonwalking!

I can sing, I can photoshop, I can dance. YES BABY I'M STILL MOONWALKIN'! Most importantly I can press the button on a Nikon. I'm that guy that gets along with everyone.

I have a love of photography and I want nothing more than to become better than I am now, and have fun doing it. If we can't have fun doing what we do, why would keep doing it?

- FIRST I want to find out if you are willing to shoot with me, then I will tell you the concept. Why tell you dates, times, location, (etc) only to find out you don't want to work with me. DUH.

- I don't want to date you, I want to take your photo.

- Please don't ask for $100.00 an hour of you have a $12 an hour port.

- Camera phone pics on your port are an automatic TFP/TFCD

- I'm not going to pay you $175.00 an hour to take your clothes off. I can go to a strip club and save money!

- Be upfront with what you will and will not shoot. Tell me your ideas and thoughts and I will tell you mine.

- We should not waste our time if neither one of us are serious, even in the name of fun. Whether this is your hobby or your income. ***I CAN'T STAND FLAKES*** if you don't want to shot or wish to cancel, don't wait until the last minute. Be a professional.

- You may bring any escort you please EXCEPT BOYFRIENDS.....and yes I count "fiancee's" and boyfriends.




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