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Well my background comes from the editing side of photographs. I'm working now with friends in helping them get their feet wet and the creation of their Portfolio's. My experience is mostly Sport Orientated but now working on Glamor shooting. I'm almost always willing to shoot, and looking forward with working with almost anybody. Willing to work Trade for CD or Trade for Prints.

Right now I'm shooting mainly for Friends as my day job keeps me from shooting during the Fall and Spring. This summer I'm looking forward to trying more outdoor shots and working with different people. If you are interested in working with me, drop me a note. There is really nothing I'm not willing to try.


1366846 - Angel Angelica
1076218 - Chrystelle Scott
1343472 - Emmie Grove
1115751 - Hayden Night
632715 - Erika Love Lee


15 Jun 11 01:00
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