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Stephen has a very practical outlook at tackling his work and accomplishments to execute beautiful images. In part, it comes from his mentors and his humble understanding of being able to see each job as a growth opportunity to expand his abilities over the years. During this educational timeframe in the industry, he worked on some of the largest films and with some of the largest forces, from projects like major motion features to Herb Ritts commercials. He places great value on being fortunate to gain further perspective and knowledge from some of the very best. Something that has carried over from his formal training as an artist in the medium of oil painting. The medium may have changed but the passion and artistry continues to grow.

He currently resides in Los Angeles. Over the last ten years he has worked in both mediums as a motion picture Cinematographer and Still Photographer. Having a head for business, he now balances art with commerce and will quickly add that he prefers to side on art winning out over commerce. But will also admit, contrary to his earlier beliefs, that having an appreciation for both aspects, gives more insight to manage the deliverance and more importantly the shaping of a final image. Something he obviously has loved all his life.

Please inquire regarding Stephen's schedule and availability. We are looking for talent that can move pages... We also ask that you send model codes of those individuals that can be top models in the industry. Thank you and all the best....

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