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About Me

My Work:
I'm a photographic "mad scientist". Photography is art. Photography is passion. Photography is illusion. It's alive! Alive! Join me in my mission, to scare, to offend, to threaten... to put together images that challenge comfort zones and force people to deal with feelings they hadn't considered.

My Goal:
My goal is to present an alternate reality; a surreal playground reminiscent of that hazy state of mind between sleep and waking, where the mind accepts bizarre details that don't occur in reality.

My Crazy Thought:
I think it would be fun to do an entire art nude photo shoot using only an iPhone. Anyone interested?

My Twitter:
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My Current Projects:
My pet project is Just Bodies, an exploration of the human condition, revealing vulnerability though the use of the nude model, and anonymity through various facial coverings. I want to invoke a perverse beauty, like that of an automobile crash, where in spite of their discomfort, the viewer is unable to look away. Get involved!

My newest project is Un-Clothed, a heavily artistic look into all the ways you cover a body, with the blatant exception of clothing. Paint, food, newspaper, or a handful of live chickens... anything is possible. This promises to be a lot of fun. It's just getting started, so get involved now and set the bar for this exciting new project!

My Rules:
1. I'm not an agent and I'm not a talent scout. Don't put a cute "tag" on my profile, or a comment on my photo, in some coy attempt at getting me to contact you so you can give me that standard, cheesy line about how you're "only accepting paid assignments at this time". This isn't a singles site, it's a social network for photographers and models. If you want to be a professional, act like a professional.

2. I f*cking hate last-minute changes. I don't need you. Take a look around you at our economy. I can put an ad on Craigslist today and have a dozen people at my door tomorrow, ready to shoot whatever I want, for a couple of bucks. They'll show up on time and they won't call me with some B.S. schedule change at the last minute. If I can get that from amateurs (and trust me, I do!) then I should be able to expect better from people who are, or who hope to be, professionals.

3. I do not tolerate flake-outs. If you aren't reliable, you can believe I will tell everyone I know about it. Yeah, that might mean less for some than it does for others... but the point is, why risk it?

4. Most of what I do will involve some sort of nudity. That's just the reality of how I express my artistic vision. If you are unwilling to pose nude, you have no reason to contact me. Don't waste my time.

5. If a fighter goes limp, taps out, or yells "stop", the fight is over--- er, shit, sorry... that's Fight Club. My bad.

6. Gone are the days of giving away every image from a shoot. You will get the best photos from the session, and only after they've been retouched.

7. New rule. I will not schedule anything more than two week in advance, unless it involves travel. I'm tired of princesses and prima donnas who get surprised by a heavy period when it's my fucking day. How would you like it if I rescheduled the photography for your fucking wedding day two days before the ceremony?

Note: I credit my photos. If you're looking for references, look there. Making a big list of the people I've worked with is lame.

I am also learning a new foreign language every year. Check it out at www.FluentEveryYear.com