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give me the moments not spent doing something, rather give me those spent being something.

When you wash away all of our complexity, all of our need to be something important...we are left with the very bones of who were are, we are left with who god made us to be.

It is our greatest truth to tell when we get past all of the constructs of what we have propped ourselves up to be, and settle into the rapture of the most basic nature in us.

It is our greatest strength and our most vulnerable point; the moments we are what we are... Sexual creatures, every part of us crackling with energy, every cell in us reaching to feel, every breath caught in our throats to make the moment linger, just a little longer.

It is my hope to catch just even a mere glimpse of this in my work, to help the viewer see that this deepest part of who we are is just as beautiful, just as noble, just as spiritual as those non-sexual sides of who were are.

If my work speaks to you, if you feel you would gain from such an experience, please write me as I am rather shy. I am looking for individuals and couples of all sorts and kinds. If you have the desire I will work with you.

You will remain completely anonymous if you'd like. You can be as free as you'd like here everything is beauty, everything is art.


credits to follow


02 Feb 12 12:38
Your work is very provocative! I love it. Very fun to look at. I had to click your profile because of your avatar.
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