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About Me


Good pictures can be planned, but great pictures just happen...

I am a photographer that has been working for about 25 years on a range of areas with the last few years specifically focussed on portrait and personal work. I get requests for, and feed into the industry, glamour and visuals with and unusual angle and as such, am always looking out for new and interesting faces and models.

I am just back from a year in Singapore and shoots in Asia and before that some fetish work in London (4 years). Currently looking to do some new and unusual shoots in Cape Town again. I'm especially looking for shoots up the west coast or on the mountain. I have literally just gotten back and the core of my equipment is here - would love to get started again, so do get in touch and let's discuss ideas.

I believe it is not who you photograph or why you do it, it is the feeling one gets when you know that you have created something you are proud of..... that is how I shoot and expect you to bring that attitude to each shoot.

Get in touch if you are interested in finding out more or need to expand your portfolio. As you will see some of my work is more edgy - I always look for something different, so should you be interested, don't hesitate to let me know. I am however also open to discuss just an expansion of your portfolio and if you have ideas that we can both benefit from, I'm open to discuss TFP.

Fine Art. Glamour. Beauty. Retro. Pin Up. Film Noir. Hollywood Glam. Wild. Wacky. Whatever. I don't like boxes. I like lots of different styles. Yes, I enjoy versatility and transforming.

I like shooting models who truly want to excel and take their modeling seriously from glamour to agency work. I wish to work with models who care if they pose correctly or have professional images. Plan on 5 to 6 hours so we can discuss proper posing, and how to create energy and bring out your personality.

I look forward to hearing from you.


#Ps don't be put off by the occasional nudity - this is what happens when a shoot goes right, the model gets comfortable with herself and one captures the feeling.
- (I'm not about porn) -
#Pss I'm starting a new project that will shoot over a year, called The Leopardskin - it entails a leopard skin (or close alternative) draped over a chair or bed or any area you /we can think of and you being shot on, or under or near it. It is then all being made part of a website and possibly coffee table book. So let the imagination run wild and come share your ideas.