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Looking for partners in creative fun, something outside the boundaries of my fulltime photo gig. Throw some ideas this way, love to discuss possibilities. In Michigan is best and on-location preferred unless a great project merits studio rental. Love to shoot outdoors and augment natural light. TFCD also preferred for now.

With TFCD, I choose the frames to share with my collaborators. Don't fret, I'll give you a bunch! I'm mostly excluding missed focus, closed eyes, or other factors that deam a photo not acceptable to a professional photographer. On a typical 2-4 hour shoot, I usually give you anywhere from 80-150 images. I will usually retouch a few to a dozen or so of my favorites. Depending on our pace, costume changes, your's and my creative needs, those numbers can swell or shrivel. No worries though, this is for both of our benefit and its a shared creative project meant to be fun and productive. Full-res jpegs or tifs, your choice, and web-res jpegs so you don't have to mess with them if you wish not to. I will not hand over raw files, even if you are paying my day rate (plus usage fees). That's not in my workflow here. So let's have some fun!

Best, Kurt


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