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I am getting back in photography after a bit of a break and will be trying out a few different things. I take my work seriously as i am striving to achieve something that reflects positively on both the photographer and model. My goals in the immediate future are to take my skills in portraiture and lighting up a notch. I would like to try more creative, exciting ideas, as well as delve deeper into the world of portrait & fine art photography and do something different from what i am currently shooting.

My images are made in the camera and not in Photoshop. I only do minor edits to enhance the look and make the model look the best so people know exactly what the model looks like, after all we are humans with our flaws and not "plastic fantastics". I am photographer and not a graphic artist. Whilst I have nothing against post shoot photo enhancements, I believe that that true skill of a photographer is one where the finished product looks like it did in the camera with only a few modifications.

At the moment the work I am doing is for my folio and not intended for commercial sale.

I dont shoot for any magazine, so if you are seeking magazine exposure I cant help you there. On the other hand if you want want to work with someone that will pay you and try to work with you to get some great shots then i believe we can work together.

I do not seek or ask for Tags/Comments in relation to the images on my folio. If you want to work with me email me directly about it.

Models: I will not be taking friend requests from models who have no intention of working for me. At the moment I am only taking friend requests from models interested in working for me. In contacting me it will be taken that you keen to do a shoot for me, styles from fashion/beauty up to and including art nude.

All Others: I only take requests from people i have worked with or those that have work in their folio that inspires me, all others will be deleted. If you simply are contacting me to increase your friend numbers then i would suggest you try other social networks such as myspace or facebook.


Sorry if my terms and conditions should harsh but I have been ripped off and let down by too many models.

I only hire models over 18. When contacting me for a shoot keep in mind that I deal directly with the model, not their agent.

Due to past bad experiences I do not hire models that bring escorts to the shoot. If this is unacceptable then I guess I cant hire you. Models that show up with unannounced escorts will be turned away.

When contacting me, lets keep the discussion professional and civilised. No "Hi hun" or "Hi Babe" messages, I will delete and block you.

All work I do is paid work (not TFP) which is why I dont give out photos from shoots unless I have a prior agreement from the model to do so. If a model is seeking images for her folio then this can be shot separately from what i am paying you for, otherwise there are several photographers out there that can assist with TFP shoots.

What I Look For: Ideally I prefer to work with models that have a natural athletic physique, no large unsightly tattoos especially on shoulder and lower back, must have natural hair colour (not dyed or two tone), good skin (no acne, scars or bruising marks) and good teeth...say cheese!!.

As a model you must be interested in creating work that we can both be proud of. Remember a bad image reflects negatively on both of us.

All photoshoots require models to provide a photo I.D as proof of age along with signing a copy of a Model Release form. Due to this I will only hire models over the age of 18. Also having lost/wasted money due to the unreliability/ unprofessionalism of several models out there i now require all models that approach me for paid work to provide at least three references from recent paid shoots they have done. Models not providing these will not be considered for any work offers.

Indoor shoots will have a makeup artist present preshoot to do the makeup. Models will be provided with a guideline of professional model shoot preparation in order to ensure model shows up to the shoot prepared for the shoot.

As with any paid work I expect the model to leave her personal problems (especially boyfriend issues) at home and show up to do the work she is being paid to do. Please keep the following in mind before contacting me: photography is an expensive task, i.e. makeup artist costs, digital processing, travel/location fees, etc. Remember last minute cancellations/ no-shows end up costing me money. Email me only if you are serious about working with me.

All my indoor shoots are done at the place i stay where i have turned part into a mini studio area with great natural lighting through a window and a white backdrop....sorry but I cant afford a professional studio. I also know a few great outdoor locations.

Female escort is fine but absolutely NO boyfriend/husband allowed. They tend to or/and will screw up the photo shoot. Most importantly bring your positive attitude and let's have a great and fun time!