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About Me

"The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance." -Aristotle 343 BC

Hi my name is Paul. I have a passion for photography that started while still at school.I have been involved in the surfing, Fashion and music industry for many years I love the beauty of the human form. I love the collaboration between model the light and photographer to create beautiful art.

I have been heavily involved in Hair style, fashion and glamour photography Including Sydney's Hair Expo and have had my work published in several publications as well as In Style and GQ Magazines Australia.

I am a Nikon tragic and shoot with a D300 and larger format D700 with a wide array of lenses and studio equipment.I also do natural lighting and studio / strobe shoots.

Rates $150/hour. Happy to do TF-CD if it is beneficial to my portfolio (depending on my workloads.) Let me know if you have some ideas you want to try.I would love to collaborate with you. I will give you 100% but I expect the same back.

Do not contact me if you are going to cancel and flake at the last minute my time is just as important as yours and if I commit to a shoot with you I will be there, and I expect you to be there too...thats only fair. I'm not here to date anyone, I'm happily married, I just want to create some great images for both of us...sorry for the rant

I do all the usual stuff too, including the bread and butter stuff like, weddings, events, christenings ect.
If you want to shoot please send a message.

More examples of my work available on


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