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About Me

Upcoming Travel/Important Events:
Birthday Month: October 1st-31st
Stars and Popcorn Calendar Launch Featuring photography by Meg Schutz: Oct 7th at Taste in College Park, Orlando
Los Angeles: October 8th-13th
Cambodia: October 15th-25th (approximately. subject to change)
Pattaya, Thailand: October 25th thru whenever I feel like leaving

If you really want to shoot with me, stop purposefully spelling words incorrectly because it's an insult to my intelligence and therefore, no I'm not going to photograph you. Ever. Intelligence is way sexier to me than you will ever be. Sorry 0  
So for awhile I had this witty little paragraph about how money isn't the only form of payment I accept, however there has been a recent change to that. I'm moving to Thailand in October, and as much as I would like to say that trading photoshoots for things like tattoo work, theme park tickets, etc is ok, none of those things will pay for my flight. My time in Orlando is officially limited.


"Every time we shoot, Megan gives me photos that make me want to fuck myself"-Laura Unbound

"I'd attempt that and get get away with EVERYTHING"-Ryan Scott


bolded names are people who I highly recommend

Breanna of Greenplate Photography, Andy, Ray, Stefani(3), Amber, Roquois, Omonike, Bianca, BaunFire, Katherine, Melanie, Tripholia(2), Michelle, Kareen(2), Marc, Jessie(10), Rictus(5), Kisha R, CEllis aka Scooby(3), Minnie Vicious(4), K of Fibonacci Entertainment(2), Glendon Taylor, Jamesson(3), Phylicia, Miss O(2), Mulysa, Hana Song(2)(RIP- 1/6/09), Candi Cupcake (3),Solstice Rain(5), FrankenKeely, ToriBell(5), Evaliation, Kelly OConner(3), Jenna Slutzky, Mayport Mary(2), Joye Chanson(2)(RIP-1/6/09), Carrie K(4) TaraRyze(2), Miranda Macabre, Travis(2), Brooke C, Melissa, Nikki Hate, Beth Death, Betsey Page, Rachel, Donna, Mona Dior, Brandy, Rachel Sinclair, Deary Lu, Stephanie St Cyr, Calamity Jane(3), Sommer(3), Miss Sally Blake(3), Bennie Sunshine, Rosalind, Careena, Magnum Man, Bunny Electric, Lewis Matthews, London Andrews, Loli Anna(2), Megan, Engel Schrei(2.5), Leigh Daniels, Tabitha Rox, Lemon Drop, oopsmyeye, Natalie Cortez, Rachel Jay, Rebecca Ryan, Karen Mariko, Asian Jen, Erica Dean(5), Keyla(2), Edain Eternal, Lindsey Lux, Honey1, AshleyV, Roxy West, Kimea Gosby, Christy Lei(2), Miss Whitney Morgan(9), Beth R, Terpsichores Grace, Rain Girl, BrittaBaum, Camille Todaro(6), JessieDee, Christie Love, Candice_Marie, Jessica Lynn87, Lexi Katt(3), AJ Flame, Ari Angel(2), The Original Sin, Brittany Ludwig(2), Zubi, Strawbero, Daisy Day, Elizabeth Vrbanac, Britnee Leigh, Mandy Murphy, Amber, Kassandra Love, AlySin Chaos, Nixie Dark, Peyton Lazarus, Charlie Brown, Vuelve, Laura Unbound(4), Amaye, Miche M(3), Kyle C Beach(2), Sarah Villegas(2), Joel Bradford(3), Ginary(2), Noelle Elise, Victoria, Cobra Renee, Shelisheli, Cindy Driggers, Miss Kaze(4), Brain Dad, Jordan Hicks(2), Amoe Rose, Miss Chloe, Z Cat, BethanyMae, Chrissy Daniels(3), Isobel Wren, Lindsey Hitchcock

SLE(2), Fibonacci Entertainment, George Lue, FotoFrank(5), Kristina(2), Mark Reese, Photographic-visions, Joel Bergman,

Hair Stylists:
Shear Terror Hair Designs, Lenas Hair Doos(6), (non MM)-Aggy, Hairspray Revolution

FTKL Illustrator

-Sophi Camera (non MM), Heather Schnell(2), Fleshpainter (body painter), Brittany Ludwig(2), Whitney Pernal(9)

Evil Needles

Riggers: Master Cecil at the Woodshed.

Lake Howell Theater Company photographer 2004-2006. Photographer Oct 2008
2009-2010 Orlando Nude Nite Artist
CAPErs (Central Florida Alternative Photography Event) co-organizer along side SLE Photography photographer

If you'd like recommendations for any of these people before working with them, send a message and I'd be happy to share my experiences.