About Me

I love natural light¦ great photos are captures of light dances

I love black and white¦ and anything else that comes with matching lines / curves / patterns.

I love shadows... they not only follow and mimic everything you do, they also add depth and feel to photos.

I love strong colors¦ striking & bold colors would cure my color blindness.

I love dramatic poses¦ the wilder the better. Just don't give me the peace sign or I will faint.


I love challenging concepts¦ the near death types would be ideal. Really.

I love simplicity¦ a simple beautiful image says more than a cluttered overloaded photo.

I love photography¦ I feel images, not see them, before I shoot.

I love coffee¦ just black with a little sugar will do.

I love my car¦ without which I would probably be too lazy to lug my gear around.


Interested models / MUAs / stylists who wish to partner up for shoots, do contact me at brandon@lushfolio.com

FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Lushfolio-Photography/256594112182





13 Jul 12 06:32
Hello Dear ! I have done fashion, lingerie, bikini ! My rates depend on the type of shoot & the amount of time taken. *Contact me for rates* If you are interested in working with me! Thank you! Angelica!
09 Oct 11 08:57
Nice port!
09 Sep 11 05:24
Thanks for the add
13 Jan 11 05:48
thanks for the add :)
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