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Former professional fashion , senior and wedding photographer -trained at FIT in Manhatten getting back in the saddle. Looking to help models create those sexy, sassy, classy, edgy images I used to shoot! I mainly shoot Techincal instructional photos and videos now and sometime have paying jobs for models for these projects. I do have paid jobs from time to time in this area. I will do TFP/TFCD with select models so feel free to drop me a line. I do travel throughout the states of WISCONSIN, IOWA and MINNESOTA and shoot there regularly. (Contact me for city locations. If your under the age of 18, please do not contact me about shooting anything other then fashion, casual, or swimwear. You will also need parents approval. I will need to speak with them about the shoot and ask that they be present with you for the shoot. Hit me up and lets create some kickin images!


MODELS PLEASE NOTE: One of the things I look at when hiring models for an assignment is the ability to FOLLOW SIMPLE DIRECTIONS! If i send you an email asking for a telephone number or asking you to email me at my email address its simply because a 5 minute phone call will determine if your right for the gig or not and MM is not Mobile device friendly! I don't have time to email back and forth for days on end to have you stop communicating just as deadline approaches. IF you cant follow simple instructions in an email, how in the heck do you think I can think you will follow direction at a shoot? Thank you for your understanding.

A NOTE TO MODELS WHO FLAKE and what the meaning is to me: If you decide your not interested in doing the shoot, its fine, a simple "NO THANK YOU" is all that is needed. Please understand this- just quitting to return or take a phone call when you say you will IS unprofessional! So my definition of a flake is a model that says she is interested in shooting, but quits returning email, phone calls etc., a model that continues to reschedule over and over again often times weeks in advance only to cancel again a day or two before the shoot, and no shows the day of the shoot!

I am now requiring recent images of a model before i schedule a shoot with them. I am sick and tired of looking at a profile on Model Mayhem planning a shoot with a brunette that I saw in the profile and having you show up with purple hair, nose rings etc! !

ATTN Actors/Actresses I do have the lighting and equipment to do demo tapes, vocals, audio, etc if your looking to to this kind of work. Since more of my work recently has been in the video/audio world I thought I would throw this out there!