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Greetings. I go by the name of 'Tyger' after the name of my favorite animal with the spelling from William Blake's poem 'The Tyger.' Sly Horse Studio is the location of my studio shoots (Rockville, MD). Prior to making a friend request, it is assumed you like something in my portfolio so please offer a comment or two (tags are not comments). For large, high-quality image display visit Blue Sky Photography.


In short, I am the co-owner/partner in Sly Horse Studios and part-time professional photographer (my full time profession is not photography) who enjoys working on a range of projects. As much as I enjoy working with experienced models, I am also willing to work with less experienced models to help them develop their portfolio. Overall, my photography tends to falls across the range of beauty, fashion, editorial, and nude (most commonly, implied, partial, and artistic nudes). With regard to nude work, I tend toward images with a classical, editorial, and/or sensual edge as opposed to a pure sexual edge (cf., art nouveau, editorial, film noir, and sensual eros rather than the more typical and run-of-the-mill come-f-me glamour). In addition, I have a growing interest in body painting and natural accessories (from modern-experimental to tribal).

In terms of inspiration, I began my artistic pursuits with pen-and-ink, pencil, oils, and watercolor though made the transition to 35-mm black-and-white photography in 2000. As a result, I still tend to draw my inspiration from the figure, form, and sensuality as captured in Art Nouveau, Classic Pin-Up & Film Noir, Greco-Roman Sculpture, Modern Fantasy Illustrations [19th & 20th Century running the extremes from Sidney H. Sime and Aubrey V. Beardsley to Boris Vallejo to Maurice Sendak], and Renaissance Masters (Michelangelo, Botticelli, etc.,). I made the transition from fine art to film photography not long after the inheritance of my grandmother’s Pentax Super ME when time, studio space, and cost of materials for fine art became prohibitive. Similarly, I made the transition from film to digital photography when the darkroom, film, and production costs and time demands became prohibitive. Presently, I photograph in digital medium using Nikon D300 with a Nikon D70 as back-up.


I am available for consultation, development, and photographic sessions. I am available on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday (and some holidays) though by appointment only.

I consider my studio and weekend time extremely valuable regardless of the nature of the shoot. I expect every model who wishes to work with me to be professional and regard hem the same way. While I do understand rare emergencies happen and things some times come up, I look with extreme disfavor on no shows and last moment cancellations (i.e., less than 72-hour notice save in emergencies). Our studio maintains a black-list of individuals with a history of no shows and last minute cancellations. Professionalism is the standard, not the exception. If uncertain about your commitment, professionalism, or willingness to work, please do not waste my time.

Models, remember to bring a legally recognized form of photo-identification with as you will need to provide identification, proof-of-age, and sign a standard modeling contract at the outset of any shoot.


With the advent of the internet model, the g.w.c., and digital photography, many industry members have lost site of the value of the photographer, their artistry, and the resultant photographs. I am, however, old fashion in my perspective with regard to the value of my work, time, and photographs. With that said, I do not give away my photographs or usage rights to my photographs without compensation.

In a fee-for-services arrangement (you are paid for your services), I will not provide you with digital images, prints, or use rights as the compensation you receive for your services is money. In time-for-prints or time-for-CD, I will compensate you with the appropriate and agreed upon number of finished digital images or prints with limited usage rights (i.e., individual portfolio and promotional use). If you would like additional images or extended use rights, I do so at my discretion and require monetary compensation. I maintain this policy for everyone involved in a photographic session including the model, make-up artist, etc.,.

Frankly, whether intended or not, it is insulting for someone who has been paid for their services to ask for free digital images or prints as the translation is that their work has value for which they demand payment though my photographic work has no value and as such ought to be given away.


Sly Horse Studio has expanded and relocated several times over the last decade. Although our studio is available for a broad range of photography, our primarily clientele are local glamour photographers, professional photographers hosting a wide range of workshops, and models who have multiple photography shoots scheduled and want to operate out of a single location. Our studio website is Sly Horse Studio..

Beginning in 2008, Sly Horse Studio hosts semi-annual Meet-n-Greets. October is our big MnG which are very well attended (150-200 attendees). Consequently, SHS MnG, especially in October, tend to be fantastic networking events that are great place to meet other members of the community (e.g., photographers, models, muas, and others).


Studio - 2375 Lewis Avenue, Rockville, MD, 20851


Other than family and portraits, I do not work with non-agency minors unless the model and their parents have considerable experience in the business. In those rare instances where I work with a minor, I require that the nature of the photography session is discussed with parents or legal guardian well in advance of the date of the session and the content and themes are clearly laid out and age-appropriate.

All minors MUST BE accompanied by their parent or legal guardian who must provide appropriate legal documentation and photo identification and who are required to remain with the minor throughout the entire shoot.

No exceptions.


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