About Me

Hello, my name is Bobby Watkins, I am from the Hagerstown, Maryland area, in the United States.
Hagerstown is located about 1 hr and 30 min west of Baltimore, Maryland.I have been a somewhat a professional Photographer for over 10 years now. I started with High School newspaper, and yearbook. Then I went to community college and majored in General Studies, and I joined up with the newspaper, and the sports department to photograph events, to video taping and do team pictures of the sports teams. Then I transferred to a four year college to major in art with an emphises on photography, and a graphic design degree. Which from there I was very acctive in the newspaper, yearbook, and sports information department. Which while I was attending college I was a part of helping to photograph the Division II Women's Basketball National Championship team. From their I now started to do model photography and also I do a lot of concert photography for many different musicans and carnivals and fairs. Blacksmith; a country music group from Pittsburgh, PA area has used my pictures for promo pictures to get them more bookings.

My rates are as follows:

I would do tfcd on certain cases and also I would sometimes pay the model it depends on how
famous she is if I am willing to pay her.

But I perfer payment myself which I would charge like at least $ 25.00 per shoot; but this is not set in stone, if they can't afford that much because of just starting out we can work s
something out. Or if they feel confrontable giving me more thats fine also. No matter what I will give a cd of the pictures within a week of the shoot; I will send it out, I can do one of touch ups or just regular with no touching up its up to her. I will to do as many outfits or what kind of posses,
or if they want nude pictures I am willing to also.But I am willing to work with you. I don't have a very
fancy camera right now like a lot of the big time photographers due to because about 2 years
ago I was shooting a concert outdoors, and got wet because a sudden storm came up they said it
was under insurance, and then the store has backed out of getting it fixed because it was water damaged, and I don't have a lot of money right now because my other job I had; got laid off because of the person died, because I was a home care aide for handicap person.

I will try to offer you a very relaxed atmosphere. I do mostly
outdoor and indoor shoots in places of their choosing since I don't have a studio of my own yet. . I am willing to work with any model for any type of shoot of their choosing. I am willing to do nude photography if they ask me to and only if they ask me to.

I have been publsihed by the International Libary of Photography.

I have been selected in the past year for the Photographers Hall of Fame for a picture i did at a club in Hagerstown, MD. I have had my work on display from an Intercollegite Art Show in California, Pa, to a couple pieces of work on display in Las Vegas, Nevada

If you are intersted in working with me here is some ways you can contact me.
My Contact information is

Bobby Watkins

E-Mail: bobbywatkins21783@yahoo.com
Myspace: www.myspace.com/bobbywatkins
Facebook: www.facebook.com/bobbyshawnwatkins
AIM: bobbywatkins88
Yahoo Messenger: photobob15419

Phone number will be given when its closer and getting to know the model better because I have had recieved
some harrasing calls before.

E-Mail me on here or to my yahoo address or facebook or myspace


I have been published seververal times by the Internatial Libary of Photography

Country Group Blacksmith

Country Singer Ricky Lee

Boonsboro Carnival

Clear Spring Carnival

Country Singer, Jason Mitchell

Country singer: Chris Woodward

Country group: Confederate Railroad

Country Singer: Erin James

Rock Group: RPG Band

Music group: Rusty Strings


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