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About Me

I was out for a can say I lost my way and my muse. I'm back now and ready to shoot, I here and ready to get the shots I dreamed of back in school!!

I am a freelancer with 20 years work experience. I've shot down an alley, out a helicopter, over hill and over dale, and I get the shot right! I have never felt it's about what you shoot, but what's in your heart that matters and if you really want the shot to work!!!

thank you for all the great e-mails, and if you are interested in working with me please feel free to e-mail. I had a chance to work with some great models and look forward to working with many more. Please feel free to add me on Facebook.

Just a quick note, thank you to all the models who take the time and respond to e-mails.

On a personal note, don’t contact me unless you want to shoot. I’m tired of setting up shoots and never hearing from the model again.

If we are planning on doing a TFCD shoot I prefer to meet first, or at least a phone call to make sure we are both looking for the same photos.

Something I want to work on and anyone wanting to shoot TFCD for this, is go back in time and shoot classic images. Photos that make the old saying "A photo is worth 1000 words" be true. Photos that tell a story and show glamour of the model.

Please do not e-mail wanting me to hire you, if I want to hire you I'll send you an e-mail. If you contact me, it will be a TFCD or you are looking to hire me.

New News, Moving back to Jersey at the end of November!!