About Me

NOTE: I RARELY get on istudio... I'm ALWAYS on my other page which you can find at the link above. :) But if you are a regular here feel free to message me at my e-mail ( I check it everyday) craigpalms@rocketmail.com

My name is Craig Palms (first 2 pictures in my MM port).
I'm 29 years old, and located in Adrian, Michigan. My personal goal is to expand my knowledge as a photographer, create the best images I possibly can, and try out some of my own creative ideas.


My Links!..

*Photography Website. www.craigpalmsphotography.webs.com



Amanda Proudlock (MM# 631004)
Dyann Leigh (MM# 570392)
ErikaLynne (MM#604439)
Mahia (MM#784638)
Jen Middleton (MM#1057256)
Sara Penrod (MM#1099002)
Lesley (No MM Page)
A.G. (No MM Page)
Chelsea Holewinski (MM#1376465)
Svitlana W (MM#1179144)