About Me

I earned my Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Illustration from Ringling School of Art and Design. One of the most highly distinguished art schools in the nation. From then on, I've worked for many different companies and clients such as Venus Swimwear, Hooters, and The Alhambra Scene Shop. Jobs included; model photography, t-shirt design, murals, conceptual art, digital effects, and so on.
I am looking to expand and strengthen my portfolio leaning more toward the artistic side. I'm looking to explore and experiment with lighting and artistic concepts in the hopes to produce a more original or unique product.



09 Jan 12 23:17
thank you for the friend request I would love to shoot with you and don't forget like my page www.facebook.com/pages/Brittany-Workman/149173078520645
11 Mar 11 18:56
WOW! thats pretty much it. Oh and I would LOVE to one day work with you!!! Great work! <3 XoXo Jenna
25 Jan 10 17:14
Be welcome and pretty good work!!!
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