About Me

Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more;

Thank you

First off thank all you for stopping and reviewing my portfolio. I have been doing this type of work now for the past ten years. I have done everything from sports photography to wedding photography. Now that I have settle into doing modeling work, photo illustration, and album covers. I find that this is some of the most enjoyable work that I can do

In part I ask for and looking for models both female and male from amateur to professional who enjoy doing something different. Most of my work is done in my studio here in New Mexico.

Now in the past I found models either by looking for those who need work done or by asking friends. That was the past. The resolves just did not go as planned and other problems.

Today like anything else, for what I am trying to accomplish, I need models who have good attitude and the ability go from doing fashion poses to posing nude. All the models you see listed here have done just that. I had paid each one to pose and work with me.

I come to this point an time to said that I will and do paid my models who are willing to work with me. Of course you must be willing and able to do the type poses I need. That is anything from posing in long dress to posing nude. No question ask. If you feel you can’t do the last part please do not tell me you will I paid a flat rate if you wish to work with me please contact me here to find out how much (it may surprise you}. I do include travel

For clients who is looking to have work done. I would like to let you know that I am open to new ideal and I have few that might work for you. My rates are listed on my new web site ( http://ejholleyphotography.com )




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news paper photographer
event photographer

asterisk means the number of times I have work with a Model

Emily Tasch 405433**
Amanda Burns 766522
Melinda Adams 764821**
Crustal Parker 754575*
Lisa Hoggatt 645452*
Glorya 320558*
Elena Kathleen 771266**
Erika Ulibarri 1448857