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Thank you for visiting my Portfolio. Photography has always been one of my true loves since a young boy. 2 years ago a friend of mine thought enough of me that she wanted me as her wedding photographer. So at that point my photography had to be bumped to the next level. I had to get better camera’s and better lighting to meet the challenge.

So now that I have the better equipment, I am trying to find my nitch in this competitive world of photography. Wedding are nice but are not as rewarding to me as family photography. Being able to stop a moment in time for a family is very powerful.

So until the family portrait business kicks off, I am doing what all students do…practice practice practice. That is where Model Mayhem comes into play. Before I can handle 3 kids running around, I need to be able to manage one model.

As far as the shoots are concern, they are TFCD. You will get a Hi-Res image of most of the shots. It should take about 1 week turn around time on the DVD. I do very little image enhancement besides light adjustment and sharpness. Shoots can range from 1hr to 6 hrs. It just depends on how many outfits and how many locations there are. I love collaboration and exploring new ideas. Everyone that I have met has brought something different to a shoot, and that has taken the original idea of the shoot in other directions.

Escorts are welcomed and might even be put to work.

So bring your ideas to the table and let’s collaborate.


**No Flakes**
I do ask if you can't make it to an appointment; please give me a weeks notice so that I can back fill the appointment. No calls or calling 5 min before the shoot to cancel is not acceptable behavior. Even though this is a free shoot, I do expect the same responsibility and value for my time that you would put on a paid shoot.


Models I have worked with

Prettina MM# 688375
April Vic MM# 658819
Estebanie Miranda MM #633604
Lisa Grasso MM #670314
Laura OMP #366528
SarAnn OMP#110646
Annaa MM #785078
Luventeddybear MM #456882
Dani W MM# 785395
Frost Fairy MM# 757471
Cora Wood MM# 1007661
Josianna MM# 862294
AshleyRene MM# 720216
niColeHope MM# 837767
Laura Swartz MM# 854574
Lili Adonia MM# 792374
Luventeddybear MM# 456882
Miss Persia MM#757196
Crucial A MM# 1001599
Danielle Lux MM# 767025
Miss Persia MM# 757196


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