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About Me

Renowned people photographer traveling the globe to work with international models of all ethnic backgrounds at unique locations.

Henning von Berg's work has been included in more than 460 international publications and represented in 43 exhibitions worldwide. His most eye-catching images are featured in 48 compilation books of contemporary photography. In addition, his photos have been published i.e. in the collaboration best-seller UNIVERSAL, in the best-selling monograph ALPHA MALES, and in the large-format monograph MEN PURE.

In 1997, after working 13 years as a corporate engineer, von Berg started his career in art with a bold provocation, a whimsical group photo shoot with 28 models. Shortly hereafter, one of the images ("Stairway" with 13 naked men) was selected for the reference book "EXPOSED - Ninety of the World's Greatest Photographers".

In 1999, HvB organized the world's first and only-ever male nude shoot in a parliament building. The fun pictures stirred the global press. In 2005, his scandalous group photos of completely naked women in Downtown Sydney got international recognition for their brave courage and fun spirit.

To this day, the former engineer has maintained his penchant for architectural backdrops, fun group scenes and impertinent humor. HvB loves to play with traditions and taboos. The self-taught artist often works with amateur models (female/male) who are not perfect and offer a natural look. His oldest model so far is a 108 year old lady.

In 2006, the Tom of Finland Foundation, an international non-profit art organization in America, asked von Berg to become a "Foundation Liaison" for Germany/Europe. At the same time, the famous Australian publisher Studio Publications appointed him as a "Correspondent" for the high-profile photography magazines "[not only] Blue" (male nudes) and "[not only] Black+White" (female/male nudes).

Henning von Berg specializes in:
#A - character portraits (seniors, babies, celebrities)
#B - fine art nudes (athletes, acrobats, gymnasts, dancers,...)

HvB Photography wants female/male models for upcoming gallery exhibitions, coffee table books and wall calendars. Those creative freelance projects certainly are fun but they hardly ever make money. Therefore we only can offer TFCD plus the reputation of a possible publication. As both sides most likely will not become rich via these artistic projects, everybody at least should be e n t h u s i a s t i c about creating art.

Yes, during the production of fine art nudes, the models aren't wearing anything, but of course we do not always depict frontal nudity. However, if you are too much worried upfront, please don't contact us.

Important: Our models need to know how to move well. It helps to have a lean body or to be a dancer/gymnast. At least you should be in good shape.

Since joining this site, HvB Photography has been overwhelmed with models wanting to shoot with Henning von Berg, far more than we can possibly accommodate. This is a wonderful problem - but it's a problem nevertheless. If you're interested in working with us, you are very welcome to send an application but please don't be angry that we cannot work with everyone. HvB is very busy and will only do select TFCD/Test Shoots if he thinks it will be mutually beneficial. Feel free to ask, but accept our apologies in advance if we are unable to do a trade.

Travel schedule:
New York ............ Nov 24 - Dec 16
Los Angeles ......... Dec 16 - Jan 16
Orlando ............... Jan 16 - Jan 28
Fort Lauderdale ... Jan 29 - Feb 28
Los Angeles ......... Mar 1 - Apr 30
San Francisco ...... Apr 30 - May 22
New York ............ May 22 - May 24
Berlin .................. May 25 - June 20
London ............... June 20 - June 30
Vienna ................ Aug 01 - Aug 15
Prague ................ ?
Amsterdam ......... ?
Paris ................... ?


Check-out samples of 460 international publications
(i.e. 4 monographs and 48 anthology books):
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Do you know the high-profile magazines BLUE and B/W?

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New 160 page large-format retrospective book:
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Controversial projects with social-political statements:
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