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here it is the second annual Van Go Clothing end of summer clothing release, fashion and public meet and greet.

All my model links are gone again Im having to fix it once more

heres how I work. My prices are based on yarn prices. If a skein of yarn costs eight bucks double that and that's what I will charge for the item. If I use six skeins, 40 dollars, the item will be 80 dollars. Just keeping it simple. If I contact you, we will discuss things just between us. I do ship items also.

Im a crochet artist that hails from Washington DC but was taught the art in Boston Mass. I spent ten years in South Carolina. I make clothing for real people and models alike. Most of the time people send me their measurements and say make me a dress. I have done dresses for Norman Cole of Notorious Runway Production who Hosts fashion shows at Howard University center for the arts. Other shows include:

My annual event:
Greenwell State park meet and greet. I bring out my entire collection to this event and there are several rooms for makeup artist and changing rooms. Located on 900 acres of waterfront state park to shoot on. The park takes donations and this event is usually held in August. contact me for details please. I need to know how many people are interested.

Lisa Lisa http://www.modelmayhem.com/35181
babydoll chance http://www.modelmayhem.com/1038298
Seductively Mad http://www.modelmayhem.com/1523398

Patapsco State park meet and greet
Slyhorse Studios annual meet and greet X2
Howard University Arts Center X2
Galesville MD meet and greet.

I have three different bikini versions.

V1 acrylic. Dries fast, very light weight, almost endless solid colors

V2 Cotton. hypoallergenic, pre shrunk, holds water so you stay cooler longer on hot days, limited colors and three tone blended colors

V3 Bamboo Silk. Lightweight, dries fast, stay cool while wet or dry due to wicking properties. Exotic colors like persimmon, gunmetal gray, sagebrush.

Also. Any dress can also be made from these yarns also.


Baltimore Summer funk meet and greet


London Andrews. Miss Van Go Central Texas

Karole Anne. The very first "Official" model for Van Go Clothing

Jennifer Ransier. Miss Van Go College Park Maryland

Gabriele. Miss Van Go Northern Virginia

Erin Rosencrans. Miss Van Go Wilkes-Barre Pennsylvania

Gia. Miss Van Go Brooklyn, New York

Jules Sparkle. Miss Van Go Virginia Beach

Michelle. Miss Van Go Augusta Georgia

Gaynor. The first international model for Van Go
Miss Van Go United Kingdom

Yvette Danielle. Miss Van Go Palm Springs California

Nicolette. Design Consultant, Crochet artist and Model
Miss Van Go West Virginia

Michelle M. Miss Van Go West Palm Beach Florida

Lii Lii Miss Van Go Ft Meade Maryland.
A.K.A (The Lipstick Ninja)

Ellen Ru Miss Van Go Germantown Maryland

Sara Sue. Miss Van Go Vintage

Kiki Jacks. Miss Van Go Silver Spring Maryland

Kim Baker. Miss Van Go Tumwater Washington.

Bex. Miss Van Go Makiti City, Philippines

Allison Mindy. Miss Van Go Cincinnati Ohio

More coming soon. (somehow my credits and bio got removed)


09 Aug 14 23:30
Thanks for the FR. Nice work!
19 Aug 10 00:45
Hello and welcome to iStudio.
18 Aug 10 21:05
Just visiting your page to say hi and welcome. Please let me know if you're ever in need of professional photo retouching
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