About Me

Billy Pegram is an internationally known fashion photographer, director, and writer.
His photos have appeared in media around the globe and also grace the cards of many of today���s young models.�� His past clients include FILA, SWATCH, Road Runner Restaurants, Michael Flatley���s ���Lord of the Dance���, a wide variety of haute couture designers, including Billionaire Mafia Couture and Bikini Bay Sportswear, and also such notables as John Nordstrom and former Washington governor, Booth Gardiner.�� However, one of his favorite assignments was shooting publicity photos for the Goodwill Games.
As a director, he was responsible for the creation of over 100 educational videos for the American College of Sports Medicine with sponsors such as Reebok, Gatorade, YMCA Corporation, and Stairmaster.�� He has also created a wide variety of promotional clips for clients from Ecuador to Alaska to Switzerland.
Pegram���s creativity combined with a natural tendency to teach others led Amherst Media, Inc. to request a series of four books as teaching tools for photographers.�� Three are completed and available at local bookstores.�� They are: Fashion Model Photography: Professional Techniques and Images released March 1999, The Making of�� a Model, released July 2004, and Posing Techniques for Photographing Model Portfolios to be released January 2008.��Currently he has a new one for Photographer being printed now: Lighting Techniques for the Professional Photographer.
�� �� Currently, Pegram has undertaken a new challenge. He will be filming a series of documentaries celebrating the cultural and environmental diversity of our planet.�� To facilitate this, he has created a new company, Mariposa Films, based in Las Vegas and Zurich.��

Quote from Loa Andersen���.
���Billy Pegram is an internationally known fashion photographer, director, and writer.�� But that���s only part of his story.
�� �� Early in his career, Billy found that it wasn���t sufficient to simply shoot amazing photos for demanding clients.�� ��He wanted to assist young���and often confused���models to learn the business, develop their skills, and increase their chances for success..�� He became known around Seattle as one who would take the time to teach models how to move on camera while shooting their portfolios or guiding them through a professional shoot. As Billy���s career blossomed, he often used beginning models in his assignments, thereby assisting them to gather those treasured tear sheets.�� ��His lighthearted manner and willingness to teach made him a favorite of the models, many of whom went on to become very successful in their careers.���