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January 13, 2010~

Happy New Year!

I've been all kinds of behind and out of it for longer than that, but I have a very, very good reason

My Ana Gray is 3 months old :D

Officially I'm on maternity leave until January... I'm extending that until February, because I'll be in Florida for the first two weeks of January and Utah at the end.
However, I'm already getting antsy to shoot... so I'll probably schedule some fun TF stuff for sooner if I can.

Since I don't have a lot of free time (and very little computer time) if you've sent me messages, etc, don't think I'm ignoring you- I'll be getting back to you as soon as I can. And I appreciate all the pic comments, friend adds, list adds, etc, while I was gone!

"Every hot girl who can aim a camera thinks she's a photographer. Oooooooh, you took a black-and-white picture of a lawn chair and its shadow and developed it at Save-On. You must be so brooding and deep." -- Stewie Griffin.

Okay, so that doesn't apply to me, but it made me giggle.

I am a photographic artist located here in Philadelphia, PA. I'm ridiculously passionate about the work I do...And it shows! Working with me is a bit of a whirlwind... I get hyper and jumpy, I climb all over everything, and, yes, I'll admit it, I'm a little bit strange. But it works for me- so if you look at me oddly, I'm going to press the button, and that look will be captured forever! It will sit in my archives forever, though, because I'm pretty selective about what I edit. I'm a big fan of Photoshop, and I consider it a big part of my art.

I would like to tell you who I am as a person when my hands aren't wrapped around a camera, but I don't really know how to separate my photographic reality from my real reality... and I'm just not sure I want to. I love playing dress-up and going out dancing, I am tons of fun after a few glasses of good red wine or Blue Moon on tap, I'm not scared of anything except the dentist, and the whole time my camera is at home, I'm looking through an invisible lens.

I don't like to direct. I mean, I can if I need to, but it's not my favorite thing to do. I like the find the pic in naturalness instead of drawing a box around a model. Don't let that stop you, though. Just keep that in mind when you're working with me and considering whether or not to just do your own thing or wait for me to speak- DO IT! Sometimes when I'm working, I forget to speak anyway.

Moi, courtesy of the awesome Rosemary Dennis Taglialatela:


I like makeup- a lot! I can't call myself a makeup artist (as in, for other people's shoots...) but I do the makeup for a lot of my own shoots. (If not most). I haven't left the house since I was in the 6th grade without a full face, and I'm not much of a photojournalistic artist- I'm SO not letting you in front of my lens with anything less.

I like muses. I'm always looking for that je ne sais quoi that inspires me to capture it. And I like tf- shoots, because that's usually (but not always) when I find my muses.

Okay, not gonna lie- I don't get the hint if you send me a friend request or a random tag. But if you have an interest in a shoot, definitely get in touch! I don't do tf- as much as I would love to (see above talk on muses). But my calendar looks like a three-year-old with a marker got to it, and although I occasionally wish this were just a hobby and I could do whatever shoots I want to all the time, it's all a part of the real world.
But it can't hurt to ask, and my rates are definitely doable if I don't have any personal projects going on that you would fit into.