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About Me

I am a photographer in Austin, TX. I studied photography at the University of Texas at Austin. I have been a contract photographer for since 2001. In 2005 I started my own company, Lunavista Productions, which specializes in commercial video production as well as photography.

If you are an Actor/Actress please let me know. I am always in need. Also, if you are a model just looking to build or add to your portfolio, I occasionally do TFP so feel free to ask.


RATES: My rates are $50/hr. They are negotiable depending on what you want done. Message me and we’ll talk about it. However, if you want me to shoot on location anywhere I may have to charge extra depending on how far it is. You will get a link to ALL you’re proofs and I will retouch 5-10 images depending on how much work is needed. If you book me for more than 3 hours I will include additional images.

TF*: Yes, I do it so feel free to ask. However, my time is limited at the moment so I’m pretty much only accepting lingerie/pinup and implied work. I know not all models are comfortable with this type of work but at the moment it’s what I’m interested in shooting. It hasn’t always and won’t always be so check back.

Makeup: My rates do NOT include hair and makeup. Currently, I don’t have a usual makeup artist I work with so you will either have to do it on your own or find someone yourself. I’m looking for a makeup artist to work with on a regular basis and will then have a “with makeup” and without rate. If you are a makeup artist and are interested, let me know. I could actually use a couple incase one is unavailable.


**Serious inquiries only for both paid and TF* work. Don’t message me saying “I’m interested” or “let’s shoot” then never respond again. Also, if you’re interested, please schedule a date with me soon. At any given moment I have several shoots I’m trying to schedule and it makes it hard when one more of them keep saying “maybe next week” or “I should have time soon.” Also, I don’t like having to always message people saying “Are you still interested” and always get a yes response but nothing ever comes of it or it drags on for months. If you lose interest, tell me. I can take it… and I’ll move on. Although, I may ask why just in case there’s a misunderstanding I can easily clear up.

I will NEVER ask you to do anything you are uncomfortable with. I may suggest things I think will look good in the collaborative process but they are merely suggestions. I understand all models have different comfort levels and I respect that. I am very professional and easy to work with and I’m only interested in working with models that are the same.

If we have a shoot scheduled, please let me know if you have to cancel for any reason. I’d prefer at least 24 hours notice but even if something comes up at the last minute I’d prefer to some notice to none. A lot of the time I have to change around my schedule a bit it to do a shoot and it would be nice to know I didn’t have to nor would I have to wait on you for 30 or 40 mins before realizing you obviously decided to not show up. My time is just as valuable as yours. On the other hand, if you honestly just forget… let me know… I am forgiving and we can reschedule.

I am a harmless person but I understand a models need to look after their own safety. You can gladly use any one I have previously worked with that’s on this site as a reference. I have no problems with you bringing an escort as long as they don’t interfere with the shoot. I also typically don’t mind meeting in public before the shoot.

I like collaborating with the model especially if they have their own ideas. You know yourself better than I do so I find shoots produce better results that way. If you want to collaborate, we can do so over the phone, in person, on yahoo (cworange99), or “on the spot” at the shoot… it’s entirely up to you. I’m not a picky person so I’m willing to accommodate your preference.


Most Recent First:

Nicole Narro - MM 1902263
Necrofoxx - MM 590950
Tonnette B - MM 1892099
ReMac - MM 1863778
Brittney Burke - MM 647095
Miss Austin - MM 639473
__aspen_ - MM 1293802
Fuser L'via - MM 402999
Naomi Marie Loghry - MM 1683418
IX (NINE) - MM 1614187
Kit Kat Kadillac - MM 1565323
LaLaLaMort - MM 1579522
RobinBean - MM 759308
Little Rini - MM 1636480
Brittney Briddell - MM 785996
Kaia - MM 441699
Lauren WK - MM 360189
Heatherliane - MM 564259
Cali Hannah - MM 789371
Rachel Vest - MM 1106472
Jessa Frost* - MM 567968
Tara - MM 1405377
Kaydence Taylor - MM 1393420
Alexa Whiite Rabbit - MM 1407643
Dacenay - MM 1321614
Kristin Gray - MM 1219969
Mariessa Ann - MM 1069607
Amber Lite - MM 1307822
Kristie MacLean - MM 864059
Bailey Devonish - MM 466059
Miss InsaniTea* - MM 1191320
Scarlet Shay - MM 1065401
Jessica Horton - MM 883163
Lulu - MM 304699
Zombaby - MM 15461871
Bethany Summersizzle - MM 635541
Cassiday Proctor - MM 776372
Merry Katherine Roberts - MM 774599
Ellie - MM 797488
Dara Adele - MM 76928
Kerri West -
Molly Randall - MM 51591
Stephanie Hele
Michelle Eades - OMP 198375
Kate Caldwell *
Ashley Danielle Hendrix
Taylor S.
Amber Heard
Katie H.
Melissa C.
Shelly Pederson
Billie Jean Hess

* Indicates multiple shoots


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stunning portfolio love to work with you someday
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