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I am a visual storyteller/photographer based out of Phoenix, AZ. My purpose for using Model Mayhem is to network with models, MUA’s, and designers.

If you are interested in working with me, the best way is to send me a personal message. Pic comments or TAGs are often overlooked.

Paid work and TF(whatever):

Paid work takes priority over any type of TF considerations. Although I am open to TF, I am very selective with whom I will choose to work with. I will only consider models who I believe will add something special to my portfolio or increase my exposure as an artist.

A models experience, portfolio, and unique look are all things I take into consideration when proposing a collaboration.

Collaboration projects have always resulted some of my most satisfying images. Passion projects are an opportunity for myself, models and MUA's to come together to create something truly unique.

Rates...yeah I've got those too

Rates are determined by estimated time and materials required for the shoot and retouching. Contact me here.

the BOOK

To book a shoot and secure a date, a non-refundable $50 deposit will be required and go towards the cost of the shoot. Schedules change and get crazy... I get it... so you can reschedule your shoot date up to one week prior to the shoot. This helps to mitigate models who flake out and cost me from losing out on another opportunity.


Initially private messages and email is fine (email is super easy because I get it right away), but eventually I will provide you with my phone number because we will want to discuss the shoot prior to shooting. Oftentimes it takes forever to convey in an email what we can hash out in just a few minutes.

Also when people who tend to fall off from being prompt about communication it raises the “flake” flag and may give good reason to cancel the shoot.


I encourage everyone I work with to bring an escort with them. There is something inherently wrong with photographers in this day and age that do not understand that a model feeling safe and secure about the shoot environment equates to a better end result.


I retouch all of my own photos.
I will not provide anyone any unedited photos.
Non-friend photographers and fellow pixel-pushers... please favorite me, add my photo to one of your crazily named lists or follow my artist page on FB, but please do not send me friend requests.
I do not participate in shootouts.
"No shootouts!!! You shot with so and so at their place..." Yeah because that person is a really good friend.



18 Nov 11 15:02
Thank you for FR. Love your portfolio, amazing work! Brenda
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