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I am an ecsentric photographer and videographer that favours artistic, creative shoots. I mostly love to play with light to create something left of centre and use rich colour tones in my lighting. I have a full Photoshop suite for those touchups that always pop up. I also have a makeup artists, hairdresser and stylist available.

I do not do this for the money. I make that with my job as a PA that see's me tour all over Australia. It's because I love to create art in my own eyes and hopefully those of others. So mostly, I use models that will do TFP CD, new models building ports, established models looking for something different and of course, friends and family.

If you are in Brisbane or planning a visit and considering working with an ecsentric, I have a 7x9m space, on the ground floor of my home in Fortitude Valley [gallery central], that I call my studio. I may be touring near you throughout the year so some time could be arranged for me to come to shoot you.

I am very into eyes, long dark hair and feminine lines at the moment. Still seeking muse. [Jul09]

[ Beauty is equal parts flesh and imagination.
We imbue it with our dreams,
saturate it with our longings.
Nancy Etcoff. ]