George Kurt Ibey
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About Me

I joined this site looking for new contacts and models. I've been doing photography for 33 years and love it. I'm self taught with some classes on Adobe photoshop and Lightroom as well as classes on studio lighting.

My equipment consists of

Two Canon Rebel cameras - as multipal lenses are sometimes called for depending on prevailing conditions.
One Speedlite shoe mount flash
2 Studio lights

Although I am just a hobbiest I do take my photography seriously. I've done weddings, newborns, family events, sports, graduations, conformations and lingerie and fashion shows. As well I have been doing one on one for the 2 years with a number of individuals,

Probably my most challanging shoot was my Aron Theatre shoot, which consisted of co-ordinating three models, a prop set setup assistant and a hair stylist.

My most rewarding shoot was and always will be each and everyone, as each shoot brings with it at least one shot that stands out above the others. But then again everyone has different tastes and that is why I prefer to devote no less then two hours to a shoot and prefer four hours.

I would like to try my hand at
Lingerie - One on One
Bikini - Beach shoots are ok, but there are some nice rocks, lighthouses and falls that I think could really be incorporated in a shoot.
TTD - I've had one cancel on this and currently am scheduled to do one by the end of August.
50's shoot - I have some items for this type of shoot including a black and white polka dot dress (size 7) but the orginal model backed out due to personal reasons.
Nude/Implied nude - I've done five of these and experience has taught me that a better job can be done if the photographer and model have worked together before. Not only do you have time to familiarize yourself with the model, but this type of work requires closer attention to body, muscle and skin tone.

Thank you for reading my profile and feel free to contact me if you are interested in working together.

Please note that I neither charge nore will I pay for any of the above shoots with the exception of potentially a nude shoot and only then If the shots are leaning on the artistic side.