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The Upshot clothing line is responsible for launching the brand within the youth marketplace. With mixture of thought-provoking and humorous phrases emblazoned across them, the series of t-shirts were an instant hit with young people who snapped them up within weeks of Sebastian and his team posting them online. Described as “conversation clothing” the aim for the popular t-shirts was to start communication between the wearer and various members of the community who came into contact with it. The clothing line, although forever expanding, is made up of three series:

The JOKER series: Purely aimed at making people laugh. It is hoped that when a member of the community reads the phrase on the wearer, they will pass a comment and begin the basis of a conversation.

The HERITAGE series: This series was created to create cultural awareness and unity within the community and the wearer.

The REAL TALK series: This series does exactly what it says on the tin. The Real Talk series are t-shirts inscribed with conscious statements to make both the community and the wearer think outside the box.

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