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Based in Atlanta I created N.R.X. Studios in 2009. While shooting weddings and lifestyle portraits I discovered a growing number of aspiring models who were frustrated at the way some photographers conducted themselves on shoots.After speaking with these women I put together a team of motivated and skilled artists to assist me in creating the perfect shooting experience.
Models can now forget about the unprofessionalism of the past and focus on looking their best while getting the best. We use advanced retouching techniques that addresses the needs of a changing profession but will still have you looking natural.

Paid work and TFP:
My primary focus is on paid work which will take priority over any type of TFP considerations. While this implies that I am open to TFP, it is very selective whom I’ll work within these regards. I'm only going to consider models that I strongly believe will help my portfolio or increase my exposure. Having experience, a well put together portfolio, a specific look that fits into an idea I have, publishing credits....are all things I look for when proposed with TFP collaboration.

Rates are based on estimated time and complexity of the shoot. Time is calculated for both shooting and post work. Obviously the more complex the shoot the more time it will take to complete. Being descriptive regarding the look you’re going for will help me in figuring a price. If your idea will involve considerable time in Photoshop or set building, prop gathering and location scouting etc. It will cost you.

To book a shoot and secure the date requires a non-refundable deposit of $75. This will go toward your shoot cost. This fee generally has ensured that the model shows up. I will allow only one reschedule and it has to be within in 48 hrs.

I use considerable amounts studio gear for my shoots. This limits my ability to travel via plane for a shoot. If you want me to come to you to shoot then expenses regarding travel, lodging and equipment rental would be required. For shoots that are in driving distance then gas and lodging expenses are expected to be covered unless it is a short drive then just gas will be factored into the rate.

Generally I only retouch my own images. I WILL NOT give you (the model) any unedited photos, unless you’re signed to an agency and the agency requests it.

Prompt Communication:
Initial communication to arrange a shoot by messaging is fine. Afterwards I will exchange my numbers and Skype information to discuss details. It’s allows for more detailed feedback. The quality of the shoot depends on being prepared. I stay busy and don’t always have available time to articulate detailed messages that take an hour to type when I could say it all and more in 10 minutes. It’s just more efficient.



20 May 10 17:33
Welcome to IStudio. Please let me know if you're ever in need of any professional photo retouching for your photos.
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