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Booking a Shoot
- Deposit required to book EVERY shoot. Until it arrives your date is open season for any other models or events.




Newly relocated to Philadelphia, I am stepping it up to a whole new level this year by offering professional glamour photography services for building your portfolio or just for fun. Each picture I take is given individual attention, focusing on the model, and making her look her best at shoot and during post processing. I believe in using the highest quality digital equipment available and I am happy to have some of the nicest gear in the area. I couldn't ask for better friends/crew that love helping out and providing entertainment at shoots, without my friends I would be nowhere!!! I have some great friends who are makeup artist and hair stylist who I am truly grateful to have on my team! It doesn't matter if you are a first time model or a full blown experienced model... We will make magic I guarantee!

The images on my model mayhem profile are just a few. Be sure to check my blog for more images from every shoot. http://www.EvolveNY.com Enjoy!


Studio and Location Shooting
I have no preference with shooting in studio or on location. There is no difference in price, I do not charge for travel expenses even though I should. If travel is far I expect you to pay or split costs.

Photographic styles I do well
Just because you don't see any images in my portfolio of a specific type does not mean I have no experience or I do not shoot this kind of genre of photos. Here is a partial list, inquire if you have any questions.

- Artistic
- Cosplay
- Fashion
- Fantasy
- Fetish
- Glamour
- Headshots
- Industrial
- Lingerie
- Pin-up
- Portraiture
- Swimwear

Booking a Shoot
- Sorry NO TFP/TFCD.
- My rates are fair and reasonable - contact me for rates
- Deposit required to book any shoot.
Your date on the calendar will remain (PENDING DEPOSIT) until deposit arrives. Until it arrives the date is open season for any other models or events.

Bringing an Escort
Escorts are ALWAYS welcome. I can always use an extra hand moving stuff and carrying things with on location shoots. Also most models have lots of bags to bring into the studio, an escort would be a good help to the model also! Escorts help make models more comfortable most of the times, an annoying escort that is distracting to the model and won't shut up will be put in the corner for time out!! A photographer that doesn't allow escorts is probably a whiny little baby that is afraid of getting punched in the face for looking at a model inappropriately. Or the photographer that doesn't allow escorts is afraid that the escort is a beginner photographer that will try to steal ideas. Who cares if an escort steals ideas, that will make them a no talent non-original idea having, copy cat. Afraid to compete with that...? And you call yourself a pro photographer.... haha

Shooting with Makeup Artist
Makeup artists are a MUST for shooting with me. If you have your own he/she must be professional and I must approve first. If you have none I have some great artists that I recommend.

Listed in no Particular order
- Jordan Liberty (331375)
- Makeup by Alanna (405953)
- Jenbah (685563)
- Jessica Saint (194112)
- Dasha from NY (464854)
- Serena Star (661104)

If you are a makeup artist and would like to work together let me know. I will add more artists to the list after we work together on trial basis a few times.

If you are a model, please look through my friends list and contact a MUA that you would like to work with when you shoot with me. I am very busy and every little thing you can do to help out will be much appreciated! Plus I don't want to be unfair and play favorites to makeup artists that are in my friends list, they are all great and I look forward to working with each of them!



Why Choose Me vs. Other Photographers?
#1. When it comes to photography I actually know what I'm doing!!! OMG what an amazing concept, a photographer that has technical knowledge of lighting and how to use his own camera!?! WOW!!! You might be thinking that's not really an accomplishment but I can guarantee 80% of the "photographers" don't have a clue. Email me and tell me to give your photographer a technical question. I'll give you 2 or 3 questions to ask your photographer when you guys are shooting and you can laugh and watch him struggle to come up with answers like "um.. yeah it's to um... make the pictures look good and stuff.. umm....." hahaha I'm such an ass.

#2. I have professional gear.. Again, is that really an accomplishment? It shouldn't have to be mentioned again but, 80% of the people who call themselves "photographers" think they are the real deal because they broke the bank spending $1000 to buy a digital camera!!! The amount I spend on my gear is mind boggling to these people! Yes I have been shooting for a few years which has given me the opportunity to build a nice collection of high end professional gear. Yes I know, you don't have to have thousands of dollars worth of equipment to get great photographs, but every extra penny I spend gives my clients (YOU) better quality photos. If you show up to a shoot and your photographer doesn't have any lights he will probably say "I like the more natural look". What they really mean is "I'm just a beginner and I already don't know what I'm doing, throw lights in the mix and I'm fukd!! But I still claim to be a professional and I'll still charge you $100 anyways". And a lot of these guys mentality is "I just click this little trigger on my camera a bunch of times and hope to get a couple good shots." Their definition of "ratio" is (if I take 1000 pictures there is a good chance I will get at least 20 good ones!). AKA - Spray and Pray! hehe

#3. I take pictures of normal looking and ugly people too!!! Beginners and veteran professionals!! Wow really....? Sure why not? My photos look good because I make them look good with my lighting techniques, angles, and concepts. I am not like everyone else who relies on shooting only beautiful girls. Yeah it's kind of hard to make an ugly photograph if you're shooting a beautiful model.... The flaw with that is yeah the image looks good, but in reality it's not the shot that looks good, it's just the model, anyone with a camera can take the same photograph!!! You just see a beautiful girl and take her picture and.... by the default you have a beautiful shot!!! hahahaha

#4. I retouch your photos all by hand. No automated bullshit. Compared to everyone else who just uses photoshop and bumps up the contrast and saturation to 100% and adds a 100% vignette and sharpness/clarity. Or uses those one click skin smoothing automated photoshop actions where you come out looking like a plastic barbie doll. Hey.. If that's the look you like I can totally do it no problem....

"art is anything that you can get away with" -Andy Warhol
Meaning push the envelope and try crazy unique things. Doesn't mean that you should take shitty snapshots to showcase your inability to be creative and have a working knowledge of how to compose and capture a shot with correct exposure/white balance. And he certainly doesn't mean that art is taking a shitty snapshot and making it look even more horrible by "playing" with it in Photoshop or maxing out the clarity, vignette, and saturation in Lightroom... First and foremost he doesn't mean "take shitty pictures and call it art"....


To cancel a shoot you must message me here on model mayhem email me AND give me a phone call AT LEAST THREE (3) DAYS BEFORE ANY SCHEDULED SHOOT. I should reply the same day if you send me an email, if not you should call me asap. You can not just decide to cancel without telling me, doesn't work that way. Before we book anything you will have my email and all of my phone numbers, there will be no excuse for not getting a hold of me if you have to cancel..

I don't have time for people to be playing around. If you're not serious about shooting with me don't bother to message me. To avoid public humiliation all cancellations must be made at least 3 days prior to scheduled shoot date. You forfeit your deposit if you flake out, no questions, no changing of date. If your car breaks down or you get in an accident on the way to the shoot you better catch a cab.. If you suddenly feel sick.. That's called being nervous, get over it. If your aunt is in the hospital... She will most likely still be there after the shoot.
To sum it all up, DON'T FLAKE.

1. Me! NYC Oct 08 - Sorry guys I had an unpaid traffic ticket from 2007 - apparently NYPD doesn't like me.

You might go to shoots just for fun, but some people like myself do this for a living. Don't waste my time if you are not serious about wanting to shoot with me. That's all I ask