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About Me

James Schot Gallery and Photo Studio at 2800 N.Federal Highway, directly across from Best Buy south of Oakland Park Blvd.

I've freelanced as a professional photographer for 35 years, and continue working the camera, as well as writing about commercial and fine art photography. I have little admiration for artifice, only having an appreciation for real creative talent and skill. I had the pleasure of working for and with countless thousands of individuals and companies, more than a few celebrities or celebrated, but take greatest pride in having my work accepted by the renown Victoria and Albert Museum in London, a museum that has been the blueprint for many of the finest museums Stateside, in addition to being the first to recognize photography as art a century and a half ago.

I continue to enjoy working with aspiring as well as more mature models, although things have changed over the years. When I first turned pro in the 70’s and joined a photography studio in Los Angeles, we had a continual influx of models eager to show their portfolios and get new photography. This no longer seems common, at least from what I’ve experienced running my studio in South Florida, and can’t imagine the new approach, based solely on Internet displays and connections, brings in much development or work. Meryl Streep expressed thoughts recently in an article mirroring my sentiments that there are countless attractive people in the industry, but unique beauty-talent goes beyond skin deep. Working with a model , creating exceptional photographs has so much to do with the personality or inner beauty of the person. No offense…a Barbie doll face and hot body displayed by the multitudes on the Internet may be the ticket for the average shutter bug; I can only begin to invest my equipment, years of experience, skill, and talent when I meet the person who aspires to be or is a model. I do portfolio shoots, refer models for assignments, and use some for my fine art photography.

If you are interested in your development and progression as a model please use the contact information and schedule a visit the gallery-studio…

James can be contacted at james@jamesschotgallerystudio.com,
james@bestschot.com or 954-564-1112.