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"EUROPEAN STYLE of URBAN SEXY" is what we do...

I am a Los Angeles based Photog, (YES... that is me with a digital around my neck AND holding A HASSE!! I shoot digital and film) I shoot fashion and Art nudes. I also work in tandem with Karim Webb, my Producer and Art director (and now HOT PHOTOG) and I am always looking to team up with cool folks. I test quite a bit, but then we submit everywhere. I have been published in Playboy, 944 magazine, Exotic Adventure and Travel, Flaunt (advertisements, not editorials) and many album packages and covers. I also run an design agency Roque Graphics, where I have designed albums for the likes of Dr. Dre, Xzibit and many...many others. Designing for the music industry is where I developed my love for photography.

I am not an perfect photographer, I am not into the "SUPER-OVER-RETOUCHED" look, so don't look for me for that kinda stuff (I never look for perfection...just STRENGTH IN THE IMAGE) So i'm kinda "old-skool" so lets keep it simple. Helmut Newton, Herb Ritts and most of the old masters just "took the photo." Most worked with sunlight, a hot model, fantastic styling and a great team overall!!! So all that lighting for 2-3 hours...that ain't me!!!

AND...If you want to shoot basic stuff...DO NOT CONTACT ME!!!

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24 Nov 09 23:41
i love your work
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