About Me

My photographic impulses are centered on light. Whatever can be done with it which elicits emotion. My approach is to start by formulating the lighting scheme, then consider the content. My goal is to strive to carve out an identity by trying different and varied things with light, color, angle, texture and composition. Enhance, explore and beautify the human form? Of course, but it’s the journey to this destination that I’m really interested in.

M.M. Models Who Worked with Me:
SerbianGoddess: #602548
Jennifer Price8: #1396411
Lisa Petitti: #744114
Amy Beers: #756887

Please tell me something, either about yourself or why you’re contacting me, if you send me a friend request. I’d also appreciate reading it in a tag, unless you have a reason for keeping it private. Photo comments are always welcome.

I’m most drawn to exploring much of the Glamour portraiture from the ‘30s-‘50s by bringing some contemporary sensibilities to it. I am open to listening to whatever ideas my models may have concerning our shoot, because I believe the goal of the session is compelling imagery, not guarded egos.

With cold weather upon us, this is the time to focus on creative indoor sessions; a time to employ my arsenal of studio lighting for the good of your portfolio and my website galleries. Categories of shoots I especially enjoy adding a creative twist to include Model Portfolios, Art, Casual, Implied Nude and, as stated, Glamour (both contemporary and retro).

Depending on how “right” I feel you might be for a given shoot, I could be willing to do paid assignments. Otherwise, since I am running a business, using my services will cost a flat fee to be determined according to the circumstances of the session. For models, I give a break with regard to this. Able to do out-of-state assignments at this time, if the circumstances (i.e. timeframe and compensation) are right.