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Mark your calendar, June 2010 will be a great day in photography history as 6 of todays photography masters gather in one spot, to teach you how to be like them!

My name is Jay and I run Colorado SuperShoots www.coloradosupershoot.com and my blog www.jaykilgore.com

I'm not shooting TF* work. My rates are reflect the quality my work will bring to your portfolio. To date, I'm the most nationally published model photographer in the state, I don't have a need to pay for any type of work, that includes Nude as well.

ALWAYS looking for Published models for Colorado SuperShoot workshop. If you're one and want to be considered, please contact me! I fly you out, put you up and take care of you.


Some of the various publications my work has appeared in:

Maxim online
FHM 20 hot dates
Perfect 10
Playboy CyberClub
Duluth Tribune
Mpls Star and Tribune
Rocky Mountain News
Seventeen Prom
Prom Dress Magazine
Professional Photographers

Some of the models I've worked with and can verify my professionalism and work ethic:

Playboy Model Carlotta Champagne: 3155
Sara Liz: 23425
Kirsten Elise: 630075
June Madison: 640955
MiAsia Maxx: 401252
Kasia Lis: 1058918
Reece GSM: 1258075
Mihaela H: 1184873
CayleeR: 800962
Nicole Hogan*: 519666 My special girl!!!
Genna*: 777681 (She's trouble)
Giget lee: 434869
Barbie Brandy: 712778
Brooke*: 363352
Kat: 452773
Megan*: 366794
Sydney: 458592
koyumi6: 826889
Maeggie: 821112
Quest: 9306
Ellen: 197136
Jessika*: 507388
Kathee: 337333
Mallory: 285722
Ally: 121519
Brittani: 112530
Ashley: 824965
Natalie: 1229026
Heather: 597490
Maeggie: 821112
Danika*: 862204
Sky: 3477
Amanda: 653858

Del Hope, Hope Photography #323443
Dustin Grant, Eyes on you Images #493549
Mike, MDPhotonet, #144539
Toby, FieldStudios #332857
Paul Maynard: 294512
AM/PM Photography: 821505
SJ Glamour Photography: 209904
DC-Photography: 117786

Small, small list of people I've worked with that can vouch for me. Models, be smart, always check references!

*Indicates my work has them published in national magazine.


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