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What a great trip and so many positive reactions to my work, thanks to all who have helped me so far ... let's keep going.

*** Off to France for 2 weeks for the Cannes Film Festival and the International Art Show See you all when I get back. ***


New images and updates coming soon sorry to those who are not mentioned yet, it doesn't mean anything Love you all for the great work you have done You know who you are.

From my images you can probably guess that I have no particular style. I like to create images and at times depending on the mood they will either be higher or lower in contrast and lighting. I make no apology it's just who I am

I would like to thank all the models who give us photographers great images to capture. You let us pose you in ways that are not the most comfortable, we ask you to give 110% on each shoot, and, make it look natural and fun.

Hats off to all of you for putting up with the muscle pain after a long days shoot, the back aches from the poses that we need from you to get the great shots and all the other poking and make up and hair stuff that you endure. Without a great model even the best photographer is nothing but a snap shot artist.

Thank you all


please try and notify me at least 24hrs before the shoot if you wish to cancel so I can make other arrangements

Thanks for understanding


As I am getting busy I have to limit my TF** work. My prices are reasonable and I am open to new ideas. I will consider TFCD if the subject or idea is something I really like.

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Daphne Tam MM# 668986 (MUA)
Tiana MM# 780428 (MUA)
Gigi MM# 768910 (MUA)
Katie Rose MM# 758826 (Model)
Ai Q MM# 764309 (Model)
Mishastar MM# 783505 (Model)
Vicki Kiss MM# 197259 (Model)
Vanessa R MM# 33445 (Model)
Katie MM# 561899 (Model)
Ashley Nicole MM# 5767 (Model)
Kristen MM# 796878 (Model)
Serena MM# 772588 (Model)
Lindsey Ann MM# 765721 (Model)
Janet Parsons MM#717747 (Model)
Chenessa MM#483098 (Model)
Sybil Myers MM#696865 (Model)
Akila D MM#524049 (Model)
Joanna Jang MM#679638 (Model)
Courtney T MM#738874 (Model)
Gladys E MM#358270 (Model)
Eikona MM#66883 (Photographer)
Sanaz P (Model)
Jessica B (Model)
Samira P (Model)
Shirin M (Model/Artist)


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YYZ lifestyle magazine


Erin eChan MM# 738500 (Designer)
Kwasi MM# 781221 (Designer)
Juzd MM# 745922 (Designer)
Garvin Garcia (Designer)
David Hillis (hair salon)
Habitat for Humanity (Toronto)
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Talco Placement Agency
YYZ magazine (staff photographer)