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Aging and slightly eccentric Melbourne based photographer who is working on several personal photographic projects recreating great circus sideshow freakshow burlesque glamour images from the long gone past using a mix of new and old photographic techniques over a mixture of glamour and wacky gentle fetish.... These projects are shot almost entirely in OUTDOOR locations in constructed sets .. I construct my own sets and most props required for these shoots. models must have a willingness to be different... .. this is an ongoing body of work with no completion dates.My policy is to meet up with the model beforehand before any shoot takes place to pre plan what we will do ...
I am only working with 18+

My folio here is but a tiny sample of works in progress ..not all of my works are here. Images may appear on other wonderful art sites such as Redbubble, DeviantArt, follow the links.

Are totally comfortable with yourself and your body. No diva attitudes or drama queens, at all, ever. You must be willing to push the envelope, step outside your comfort zone and stomp on a few ego's, tread on a few toes and all the other cliches and do whatever it takes to create edgy, quirky, whimsical, gently fetish, classy images that will make people step back and take notice of your folio.

Chaperones/ minders/boyfriends/ significant others .. Nuh!! far too much trouble!
I am the only drama queen I will put up with! You wanting to bring a chaperone tells me loud and clear that you are not totally relaxed and comfortable with what you are doing and who you are working with .. that is why I meet with you first before any shoot is organised
I have a reputation to protect and I am sure you do too . These shoots I am doing require a high level of maturity and confidence from the model, I am happy to work with any models of all ages although nobody under 18 YO will be considered.

Friend Requests- If I accept a Friends Request from you it means that you like my work enough and that you would like to work with me and have already read carefully this bio and whatever casting briefs I have listed! I will contact you and follow up.

My castings, whatever they are have no finish or start dates, they just keep happening... I update them from time to time.

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09 Oct 10 21:19
Great fun in your work ... here on ISTUDIO!!
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