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Weight:130 lbs
Hair Color:Other
Hair Length:Medium
Eye Color:Brown
Ethnicity :Black
Skin Color:Brown
Compensation:Depends on Assignment
Join:27 Feb 2011
Last:6 Mar 2011

About Me

*****PLEASE READ---if you dont' allow escorts to your shoots I will not shoot with you. I will not be touched in anyway by any photog at the shoot. I'm there to model, not be a prostitute. If you deviate from what was discussed before hand in anyway I will leave the shoot. That is all***

My hair changes frequently. If you need to know the current color/style message me.

I will do my best to check with you the day before a shoot for details. (though remember I am human so if I forget just message me. If i'm alive and able to get to a computer I'll see it) I don't own a car... That's not a problem though. I can always take the bus. Also if you're not in the LA area please give me an actual address and not some weird land mark cause I need to make sure I can get there by bus.

I will travel if far if it's for something paid and I know enough in advance to set everything up. (or unless you're really awesome and I love you that much but I'm poor so I can't do too much of that haha).

I'm mostly interested in fetish/alt/bondage shoots though I'm down for anything that's a little odd or dark.. even silly. My hair color changes about every month. (usually braided) My natural hair is brown and about shoulder length. When it's not braided I tend to leave it natural for the most part so if you want it straight at that time you gotta get someone else to do that cause I don't know how and I'm not all that fond of straight hair to begin with. I can always wear a wig or something. I need to know enough in advance so I can make sure I don't have my hair braided, it takes a long time to put these in so I'm not going to take them out after having them in for a few days especially for something that's non-paid or doesn't pay very much.

Other than that I don't have too many pet peeves. I'm shy at first but I generally warm up to ppl. (oh please don't put me in clown make up, really bright colors, if you're gonna do that just do some fancy eyeshadow and I'll handle the rest. and no weird ghetto butt shot photos. ick you know what I'm talking about.) DON'T ASK ME WHAT DAY I'M FREE THEN GET IRRITATED THAT I'M NOT FREE THAT DAY, CHANGE THE DATE WHEN I ADJUST STUFF AROUND, NOT GIVE ME UR ADDRESS, I DON'T NEED LANDMARKS! PLEASE CONTACT ME BEFORE HAND EITHER THROUGH EMAIL OR SKYPE. Don't contact me to do pornography...Especially some weird POV crap

I have a scar on my forehead. I've had eye surgery so when I look up at certain angles one eye does go stray... can't be helped. I have no more facial piercings 0

I'm open to all sorts of ideas, just let me know 0

If you need a gogo dancer I do that too.

I would prefer that you contact me through my email (send it to my aim s/n at aol dot com). My messages here keep getting deleted and I don't know why. U can also IM me.

I have a phone but it is pre-paid so I hardly use it for anything.

(aim) vagrantgrrl

(yahoo) vagrantgrrrl

(hobbies and random stuff- I do enjoy industrial music/gaming/drawing/comics/cartoons so if you're ever in need of someone into those things I would LOVE SO MUCH TO DO IT!)

(shoots I'd like to do)

*I would love to do another Elena 3rd strike shoot. I love her. This would preferably be after I take some yoga for a while cause I'd love to be able to do some really cool stances.

*I want to do a blindness shoot. Since I know now that the blind contacts actually make you blind and not only make you look it I'm not sure if I want them in both eyes. I'm mostly freaked out about how the fuck I'd get them out of my eyes and I doubt I'd want anyone else putting their fingers in there. Perhaps I can have one blind contact and one white or black contact.

I'm debating in my head whether I want it to be bondage (which would be freaky being blind and all) or a blind mental patient. Perhaps even just like kinda a garden theme w/ like all these wonderful beautiful colors and flowers and such but it's like kinda sad cause ya know can't see any of it kinda thing (if any of that makes sense)

*A shoot w/ bubbles! I dunno what else I'd want it to involve but I know that bubbles reflect light in really cool ways. Like having a bunch of tiny prisms so I think it could be very interesting visually.

*Teddy bear assassin(or maybe torture). Ok so I'm a rogue gothic loli ish doll. I think I want to have giant button eyes if possible. (Not sure if I could incorporate some of this into the blind shoot) I want one pic w/ ya know the doll being cut open from the neck to the bottom. one of me ripping off a head and holding it up w/ the body behind me. I want it to end up w/ fluff everywhere and maybe me laying in them w/ some evil smirk. I could also be standing over all the fluff looking all dominant and crap.

*After raiding the nerf aisle I wanna get the sniper riffle and have a shoot with that... perhaps that could be incorporated w/ killing toy soldiers or something and I could be dressed in army fatigue

*I would also like to dress as foxy luv... just cause I know I could look like her

*Something w/ lots of colorful lights and back grounds. Giant furniture, giant toys

*a shoot w/ a pump it up machine or in an arcade... (cause I love them so much) nerd grrl shoot muahahaha

*abandoned factory/town shoot

*alice in wonderland shoot. A twisted 0 drugged out alice w/ a bunch of shrooms everywhere 0

*alice in wonderland Assassin shoot... In a blue latex suit w/ a mushroom gun w/ syringe bullets (kinda giant one's around the gun... if that makes sense)

*fallen angel shoot. She would have an injured wing and a bone poking out and would be all bloody.

*broken dolly left in the middle of the road

*serial killer dentist who puts date rape drugs in tooth past and strangles his victims w/ dental floss "brush ur teeth twice a day, helps prevent tooth decay!!"

*Latex mary poppins / flying w/ a bunch of balloons 0

*kids in the 90's with lots of 90's toys, sega genesis, virtua boy, skip it, hula hoops, light bright, bubbles.

*Evolution of a video game nerd. Have someone playing atari or even one of those old text rpg's from the apple II compter era, to 8 bit, 16,32,64 and so on and have a futuristic section of halographic VR games 0

*urban warefare- flashmob style nerf gun battle with modified nerf guns

*Out with the old- killing old attack film cams w/ newer one's and a killer look 0

*Seizure Educing Color - Colorful hair, toys, Paint everywhere, Possibly sharpie tattoos

*They're coming to take me away - Straight jacket (or some other form of restraints) to kick someone of their massive cake eating habbit. Have another model (or use one and do that fancy photoshop stuff u guys do :-P) messy with cake eating it all... teasing the other model. Eventually the first model should break free and steal the cake...

*Corporate Clown... Clowns in boardrooms in business suits w/ modified brief cases. A board meeting for how to brain wash the masses, selling discontent to push product.


Model Mayhem Model of the Day- may 7th 2009

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Thank you for adding me Blaque love to talk to you more about working together. Only add models I truly want to work with.
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