About Me

Does digital photography, image editing, digital graphics & design, 3D modeling and animation, composite design.
When it comes to photography I have a broad experience in Glamour, Nature, Landscapes, Sexy, Art and silhouette photography.

I have no time to post all of my portfolio at the momement but I'll be posting as soon as I finished with the version 3 of my website which will also feature all of my new portfolios.
I will be needing a model for a photoshoot which I will be using to composite with 3D graphics for use in my website's interface and design. Please contact me for details, only local models please.

I am also looking for models for additional portfolio shoot and also for an upcomming online magazine, please message me if inetersted or email me at angeleyes@slashingedge.com

Angel Eyes

Angel Eyes works in digital photography including print, catalog, bodypart, showroom, fitness, fit, lingeries; commercial including product, lifestyle, corporate, demo, tradeshow; and glamour including art-nude, lingerie, adult.