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Paul "Lucky" Goldberg
Hollywood New York International Inc.
Founder & President

Hollywood New York International
Worldwide Entertainment
Film Television Music Talent Fashion Photography

Film, television, print auditions by appointment. Send an email for info and see details in the casting notice below.

If you received a friend request, I would love to shoot with you TFCD if time permits. I will be happy to give you an introduction to our talent and casting agents in Manhattan as a friend, as well as any other networking opportunities that come my way - from fundraising for charity and bio-tech science to Fashion Week.

If interested in modeling in fashion shows in NYC, have openings for models of all heights to work in night clubs in Manhattan managed by a friend, Olga. Very professional, low pay but great exposure to fashion designers and papparazzi/facebook photographers. Send pix and resume to with contact info. Let me know if you're interested - we have 5-7 a week - auditions sometimes earlier on the same evening as the show - all clubs are in Manhattan. You could be working immediately!

Please add a friend request - optionable but appreciated. TF shoots available in Queens studio by Lucky

Models for Clubs and also Fashion Week NYC

07/30/10 12:36 PM
I'm setting up appointments now for tomorrow night. It will be in Manhattan to meet both the local clubs fashion show producer Olga - no height requirement - and also the producer and the casting director for Couture Fashion Week - height 5'10 and above. Shoot me an email quickly if you want to meet tomorrow. Otherwise, there will be additional castings next week.

Love, Laughter, Blessings & Lots of Luck,


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Illumya on An Aruban SunBathing Expedition © Lucky * Hollywood New York International. All rights reserved

Larisa! Too Hot for School!
© Lucky * Hollywood New York International. All rights reserved

Hollywood New York's StarShoot USA! Celestial Models, Actors & Entertainment Group

Toys Of Hope Justin Long PSA HD
A heart-felt appeal from Justin Long for the Toys of Hope Childrens Charity to support the efforts of Melissa Doktofsky and her wonderful family and friends to help children, their family and pets. The mission of Toys of Hope is to provide toys, books, clothing, activities and other items to needy and homeless children and their families.
© Lucky * Hollywood New York International. All rights reserved

The International Eye Trust Web Intro Dr Doorish
Newest technological miracle - The Eye Chip to restore sight to previously sighted animals and people who are now blind - Phase 1. Phases 2 and 3 will help the injured in vision and the blind from birth.
© Lucky * Hollywood New York International. All rights reserved

"Class M" - High Definition Film Short
Award-winning 4 minute film written, filmed and edited in 24 hours for the New York Film Race 2009 - Top 10 winner, Winner of Film with a Child Actor. Lucky - Cinematographer, main Camera Operator

"The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed."
~ Carl Jung ~

Our passion is Photography with a capital I LOVE VISUALS.

Who is Hollywood New York International?
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Hollywood New York International

Feature Films now in Pre-D or Development - see our website

Film, TV, Music, Photography, Film & Technology Financing, 3D Animation/Graphics and Editing award-winning experience and equipment. Steadicam, Virtual sets, BlueScreen, insert studios. Affiliation with Kaufman Astoria Studios since 1986.

**Please note - If I book a shoot with you, I will give you a call the night before the shoot to confirm everything. If you do not call me back by the morning of the shoot, I will assume that you are canceling the shoot. If you are in a film or commercial, please call the night before to confirm and when you are on your way, 1 more call - this goes very high up on the list of important reasons producers/photographers work over and over again with the same people - you show your professionalism in all the right ways and we strive to do the same.


Kodak Scholastic Award for Photography

Producers Guild of America - PGA

American Film Institute - AFI

Writers Guild of America - WGA

Nikon Professional Services - NFS

Credits - partial - online at The Internet Movie Data Base Paul Lucky Goldberg

Studio Locations in NYC:
Greenwich Village
New York City, NY

Hollywood New York International
StarShoot USA! Celestial Models, Actors & Entertainment Group

Consultation, Studio, Production, Post Production, Distribution & Investment corporation now enhanced by our StarShoot USA! Celestial Models, Actors & Entertainment Group - International Beauties & Actors with the Hollywood New York Flair - with full Television, Film, Video, Photography, 3D Animation/Graphics, Editing equipment and experience. 2 Grammy nominations, 4 MTV awards, 2 United Nations Humanitarian awards, Kodak photography award and 2 Tellies for television show achievement of excellence

A partial list of our history - different aspects we are/were involved in: Directing, Producing, Director of Photography, Cinematographey, Cameraman, Editor, Production, Post-production for TV series, Feature Films, Commercials, Music videos, Television pilots, Photography, etc:

"A Woman's Obsession"™ - Producer - high definition feature film
theatrical release 2010

"Saucy Cinema"™ - Producer, Cinematographer, Editor
Television series – 2007 Wraparound show featuring films by Sophia
Loren, Jayne Mansfield, Bridget Bardot .... Hosted by Scarlet Mascara

"MuscleSport USA"™ - Director, Producer, Writer, Editor - National television series
15 yrs consecutively on the air: 1987 - 2002; the last 8 yrs with Fox
Sports Net - owned by Hollywood New York International and Stonecutter
Media; 2 Telly awards. International distribution as well as 80 million USA homes nationwide

"The Trial"™ - Producer [4 total] feature film
Co-directed by John Hoyt [I AM WOODY] and Vince Curatola [Johnny Sack in The Sopranos] with Tony Sirico [Paulie Gaultieri a.k.a. Paulie Walnuts) in The Sopranos], Dominic Chianes [Corrado "Junior" Soprano in The Sopranos], Michael Rispoli [The Sopranos], Jackie Aprile [One Tough Cop (1998)]. 85% completed

"ECW Wrestling"™ - Produced and directed pilot, technical consultant
Original pilot - WWN [World Wrestling Network - Paul Heyman]

"Girls of Goldfingers"™ - Cinematographer, producer, photographer, editor
PPV, Home Videos,Int'l, Playboy Video Catalogue

"Presumed Innocent"™ - Feature Film - Cinematographer for 3 scenes
Warner Bros; Harrison Ford, Greta Scacchi; directed by Alan Pakula

"Sun City"™ - Music Video - Cinematographer [1 of 5], 2nd unit producer
Bruce Springsteen, Little Steven, Hall & Oates, the Temptations, Dylan, Ringo, Bono, Peter Gabriel, Run DMC, Fat Boys, Lou Reed, Motley Crue, Ruben Blades, Jackson Brown, Daryl Hannah, Yoko Ono and over 35 other stars .... directed by Jonathan Demme; 4 MTV awards, 2 Grammy nominations, United Nations humanitarian awards … _Apartheid

'Moonlighting' with Bruce Willis and Cybill Shepherd - Stevie Wonder, Quincy Jones, Niles Rodgers - bi-coastal recording for "Moonlighting" theme song- producer and cinematography
Kaufman Astoria Studios - Master Sound Recording Studios

Celebrity shoots
Bo Derek, Madonna, Paul Newman, Bill Cosby, Patrick Swayze, Bob Hope, Sally Kellerman, Patricia Neil, Sydney Lumet, Dennis Weaver, Jon Voight ....

"Anatomy of a Filmmaker - Otto Preminger"™