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About Me

JOIN MY ARTIST SOCIAL NETWORK IT"S A FREE and you get a WEBSITE (100mb) - Why? Because I can.... All you got to do is message me.
Here are some samples:

I'm working on a new project in my other life as an IT Guy - An Artist network 100% free. Come and get a free 100mb website to keep forever (or at least until the sun fries us in 2012.) You can post up to 200 shots at 500kb each. Come see www.extrememojo.com Sign up if you want... It's better than a sharp stick in the eye. AND FOR YOU TECHNOPHOBES - message me, I'll set it up for you.... So don't be shy.

I also write Screenplays, and blog to the b'jesus belt on the link above. (Yes - it's retarded - but you can follow my network on twitter http://twitter.com/extrememojo )

Update: SWEET FEATHERY JESUS, what have I gotten myself into? Yes, I will help you set up. My boss has been wondering why the upstairs computers are not fixed. It is because I'm helping you people set up your portfolios. Please all of you sign up - get me fired... It's all good. I can use company time to configure portfolios, it's called NET time (No Extra Time) or doing something worthwhile when you are getting paid to do something that doesn't matter to the world. This is more important who cares about French Cosmetics? (God, I'm really loosing it. There may be hope for me yet.)

PS: this all makes sense inside my head, I wouldn't worry about it if I were you.

Update 2: I would like to extend a public and sincere apology to Alex (the lovely young Canadian intern here at the swanky French Cosmetic Company I work for.) I’m kinda sorry I said Canada was “A Loft Apartment over a great party.”

I forgot Vancouver was in Canada. It Rocks by the way, I worked on a few films there. But you thought New Mexico was a third world Nation, Yes, New Mexico is part of the United States not a third world nation - I went to Photo School there back when they used film in cameras.

So, Alex, please accept my warmest apology, and lighten the Eff up.

Update 3: I just spent 20 minuets listening to a bike messenger explain to me how Winston Churchill was actually from The Bronx. Will this day never end?


"Even the greatest baseball player in the world strikes out 7 times for every 10 times at bat. The secret is stepping up to the plate as many times as it takes." -Anthony Robbins

"What would this country be, without this great land of ours?" -Ronald Reagan

"In the dictionary under redundant it says: See redundant." -Robin Williams.

"Huh?" -George W. Bush

"It's okay, son, you did your best." -George Bush Sr.

"Make it a must, not a should..." -Anthony Robbins.

"If I haven't pissed off somebody today, I'm not doing my job right." -Phil Hendry

"I'm a lesbian trapped in a man's body." - Me

"People with closed minds should be lined up and shot." -Me

"What's this red button do?" -Christa McAuliffe

At the moment I'm very limited as to the times I can shoot. I took a promotion at my day job and it's turning out to be a bigger pain in the ass then I realized it would. Being a boss can be a real drag - if you can, I would suggest you avoid it. Given the choice - I'd rather be creative then be in charge. BEING BEHIND THE CAMERA IS MY SECOND FAVORITE THING IN THE WHOLE WORLD!

I love to shoot, and I'll shoot anything except porn.

I will do a TFP in a heartbeat if I think it would benefit my body of work. I ask for a release from all models I work with, unless you are commissioning me to shot something you want to use personally, ie. intimate portraits.

I will go out of my way to shoot cool tattoos.