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I've been a part time photographer for the last 6 years. My full time pharmacist job pays the mortgage. Photography provides a way to use the other side of my brain.

I am looking to do a shoot in this great old house...see castings.


The models I work with on MM are all on a TFCD basis (although I would never pass up a plate of hot chicken wings or a Dunkin Donuts xlarge coffee with extra cream).

This is how I work my TFCD shoots:

I provide a CD of unedited images right after the shoot so you have something to review. You can then choose up to 10 images that you would like me to edit further. I will edit them and send you a CD of both high resolution images and web sized images. All images can be used for your personal portfolio only.

As far as Photoshop goes...I will not make you look plasticy. To me there is nothing worse than having someone look at an image and immediately say "look at that Photoshop work". The best Photoshop is Photoshop that goes unnoticed.

I do not mind escorts as long as they do not mind holding a reflector.

I will work with you the model on your ideas as long as we both feel we will achieve great images from the shoot.

I have access to a Vietnam era helicopter, 4 classic cars, a garage full of restored gasoline pumps, and horse stable in the West Palm Beach area.

Any nudity in my port was requested by the models. Nudity is NEVER a requirement for shoots with me.

I have more photos over on my myspace page:


Thanks for taking the time to read my bio and looking at my images.





02 Jan 10 12:27
Him Jim!! Thanks for the FR and welcome!!!
31 Dec 09 17:04
Welcome to iStudio
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