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Friend requests are always welcomed. I am here to share my art and vision.

Website - http://anthonyfrausto.com

I am a photographer in the Los Angeles area. I got into this field because I love art, fashion and the thought of excess. This is a world where fantasy and reality are intertwined. I love it.

About me: I have been photographing for about 10 years now. I love wine all the time. My favorite are the moscatos. I love horror movies, sci-fi and anything that freaks me out.

I also love to have fun on my photo-shoots. There is always music, wine and laughing. I am extremely laid back and just want to do my best.

If you are interested in my services, you may call me, or email me.
* I will only do trade for guaranteed tear sheets.

You may contact me at:
310 339-5484 or info@anthonyfrausto.com


Nappy Roots
Sonny Bono Ho

Guardian of Eden: April 13th-April 22nd
Tangi Miller - Persia White - Chico Benymon - David Ramsey

Krave Magazine - Out June 2009
Kerron Clement - Nick Denbeigh

Tosh - Wilhelmina Model
Thomas Paul Raffa iv #699274
Ashtyn Long #716887
Maggi Simpkins #739668
Shanu Akinremi #638670
Johannes Lance #111162
Ms. Britni Enviouse #564836
Justin Orton #655803
Cortland A #594831


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Nice work!
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