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Founder of Devious Designs & Amped Fitness (fashion designer of swimwear, fitness wear and competion style suits), Photographer and Certified Personal Trainer with a passion to design fitness outfits as well as educate others about the importance of health. I love meeting people who stretch themselves (think and do "outside of the box") to achieve their dreams and goals, or want to get the most out of their life. My goal is to empower people to achieve more then just mediocrity. I educate people on how they can improve their health and achieve their own level of success. I work with people daily to overcome their negative mental and physical obstacles and make the most of everyday in a healthy fit way.

Unlike most, we are a multifunctional operation consisting of Photography, Photo Editing and Clothing Design and Personal Training. I totally love what I do! While we engage in a wide array of fashions including club wear, costumes, and some lingerie, our main focus is on the design and retail of swimwear from modest to extremely wild and from average to high fashion, including competition style suits. We also design and carry fashionable fitness wear as well as promote healthy lifestyles and fitness for all ages.

While we do a lot of our own photography of our designs, I do network with various select photographers and models to shoot our fashions. I do take on some outside photography work but it’s very select and limited due to the demand of designing and constructing outfits, attending fashion shows, fitness events, and offering personal training or networking with other personal trainers. If you have a great concept let me know and I might take it on, or I will recommend one of a number of very talented and professional photographers we also work with.

MODELS: We are most happy to work new models to very seasoned models. However, we DO NOT work with any third parties such as managers or booking agents, etc. If you want to work with us, then we deal with the party we are working with or not at all. This means that if you are contracted to a modeling agency, that is fine. We would book you, but from that point forward we deal with the model directly or not at all.

We are very selective in picking models and each must pass our screen process. We do offer TFP/TFCD and paid work assignments unlike a good portion of photographers here. We also tend to go with more mature models and those with the ability to shoot nudes over those who don"t for the simple reason of greater flexibility and less issue.

Lastly, while it's rare that we shoot nudes, as we are mainly a clothing manufacturer. We often do network with other companies, event planners, etc, who are seeking models or photographers for various work.

PHOTOGRAPHERS: While we do our own photography, we also use other photographers of ALL experience and skill levels. However, if we use your services, you work for us. This means you are operating under Devious Designs and ALL images/video (work) becomes the sole property of Devious Designs & Amped Fitness upon creation and you will need to sign an agreement stating such BEFORE we will ever work with you.

This is for a few simple reason. One, if you charge an hourly rate we are getting what we pay for. If you have the keen ability to take 500 photos in an hour, then we get all 500. Two we don't get "your" best picks, which normally never match what we are looking for and the images are not edited "your" way. There is no copyright issues, no usage fees, no licensing, no submitting photos to magazines, stock companies, exhibits, art galleries, etc. that we paid for. Three, all parties get the proper credits they deserve. Four, we don't get charged an hourly or day rate and then charged again for a cd of 5 to 35 edited photos when indeed we paid an hourly rate and you took 500 shots. Five, it weeds out those photographers who don't want to work with and some of them are ones on this site who have the ability to tamper with our profile and portfolio on a regular basis.

We have employed these practices, principles, and policies for the past 8 years and it has proven to be very successful. Despite some may say this is not how the industry works, we are not the industry. Yet it really weeds out the people we don't want to work with.

LOANED OUTFITS: If you seek to request outfits to use in your next shoot or event, please be prepared to submit a deposit for the items you are wishing to use. Your deposit will be returned when the outfits are returned in the same or like condition they were sent out or delivered to you in. If you fail to return them in a timely manner, or they are damaged or soiled, those outfits will not be accepted and they will be returned to you and your deposit retained. Some other details will also apply.

For those we have worked with, we thank you and it has been a real blessing to meet and work with such talented professionals with the same high standards as us.

Thanks and we wish everyone all the best!!!

Please note: We are not seeking to attain the highest number of friends in our friends list here. The "Friends List" has just been cleaned up and more than half deleted. Just like your normal friends that you stay in touch with on a regular basis, associate with, or do things with, our Friends List is reserved for those whom we have worked with, stay in touch with, associate with or would like to work with. Instead please use our tag on our main page or send us an email. Thanks!

***In the modern age of cell phones, emails, and text messaging, if you cannot respond to phone calls or emails with in a timely manner of 72 hours, then we are not the company you want to work for or have you represent us. ***


Wall of FAME: Partial List...

*JWorks Limited: Jermaine Jenkins, Darrell Hunter, Andre' Wilson, Mary Soeum, Brandi and the rest of the crew.
*Akira Takashi
*Designs by Winborn (Cory)
*Micheal Schundo
*Revamped By Barb Wallace
*Christine Miner - Designer / Team Bling


*Gail L MM# 23558
*Jersey (AKA Elby/Lauren) MM# 767185
*Brooke Harrison MM# 823289
*Jamie Eddy MM# 788706
*Catherine Cromer MM# 746863


*Jolene Youngster
*Jessy Liddle
*Deidre Abouahmed
*Michaun Burton
*Nicole Key
*Cortney Smith
*Le'lanna Qualls
*Christine Goodman
*Dianna Becker
*Stephanie Steal
*Jan Decker
*Jessie Thomas
*Penny Timmons
*Jackie Karr
*Jodi Stevens
*Michele Patterson


*Jenny Williams
*Amy L.
*Kathy Bricker
*Jamie S. James
*Kim Kelley


*Kelsey Dylan
*CatC MM# 17309
*Ashley Bakies MM# 661455 & MM# 602410
*Denise Williams
*Chrissy Chapmann
*Lora Robbins
*Mandy Black


*Devious Designs (not for hire)
*Gavin Kette & Erin Oconnell MM# 748901
*The Back Stage Studio
*Mike Goodwin Photography
*Kelly Tripp Studios
*Tim's Fitness Image Works - UK
* Ozone Studios - Columbus, Ohio


NPC - various fitness promos
Arnold Classic, Columbus, Oh
Ballbike - Infomercial Aug 2010


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