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It may take me a while to update my list of models worked with on here, so please forgive if you have to reference MM.

Fashion inspired nudes. Art inspired nudes.

Welcome to the page for Ninjaphoto's nudes. More specifically, art nudes. Having worked in portraiture in all its forms, I have found it's become time to change things up. Without clothing, the layers, both physical and psychological are removed, leaving ourselves with our bodies. In this form we experience the world differently, either in the studio or otherwise.

TFP is available but limited to select individuals.

And if this type of photography isn't your thing, feel free to check out my other mayhem page #314




If you'd like to know more about my approach to the process please read further . . .

"My advice:

- technique is a language: the better your technical skills, the more refined you can make images
- language is nothing without message: technique is only valuable in function of an image: search for content, then translate into technical choices
- to find content: look into your heart, into your feelings, fears, hopes and wishes.
- be always respectful to whom you work with
- keep smiling!

Kind regards,

Pascal." (Pascal Baetens)


10/08, 01/09 exhibiting on


London Andrews MM#36768
Sienna Aldridge MM#171128
Merrick Monroe MM#326498
Nikki Villalobos MM#1055505
Brandi Mackie MM#722003
Julie Webb MM#592147
Floofie MM#65089
Lori Madison MM#187354
Pistolita LaMuerta MM#125079
Rebecca Palmer MM#121626
Ms. Susie B MM#471468
Rocket MM#303240
Carlotta Champagne #3155
Betzu MM#1108839
Miss Germany MM#899677
Ashley Bump MM#806612
Cricket Quills
Sarah Clements MM#796963
Fedora El Morro MM#85724
Wolfpup Nudes MM#720766
Nicki W. MM#1176992
Bliss MM#115953