About Me

I shoot nudes. Although some of the models in my profile are clothed, I always start with nudes and dress from there. If you do not wish to do nude work, please do not contact me. I sell my work in galleries. I like doing shoots that are not preplanned.I appreciate chaos and the challenge of making some order of it. I shoot to the model. If I contact you it is because I see something in your face that compels me. I enjoy long walks in the park. Rain makes me giddy. She makes me laugh.......oops.

If you are a model looking to expand your portfolio, or new looking to start one, I am sure, together, we can come up with something out of the ordinary that will make you stand out.
I am currently showing in The Gallery Underground in Fort Collins,Co. and at the Independence Gallery in Loveland Co..
Drop a line. Until then, Stay on the top side of the grass.


Bensen Gallery, Ft Collins, Co
Renegade Gallery, Estes Park, Co
COCOA Gallery (2 one person shows) Ft Collins,Co
Independence Gallery, Loveland, Co (current)
Studio 121, Loveland, Co (current) The Gallery Underground, Ft Collins, Co.(current)