About Me

I'm a photographer whose main interest is in representations of mythology and the human condition and classic Burlesque styles. I recently published a book of burlesque photos and am looking for models to finish some series for other books based on contemporay portrayals mythological figures, biblical figures and the male image in all it's variations and moods.

Most of the photos I do for my own purposes are geared toward gallery showings and artistic prints. However, I'm expereinced in doing modeling portfolio shots, head shots and fashion and can do those for models in return for their time.

I love working with models who enjoy doing something imaginative, creative and out of the ordinary. I especally love working with people who have a sense of fun and can appreciate doing some crazy, quirky photos.

I'm always looking for new people to work with so, if you are looking for something a bit different to add to your portfolio, or if you need something more commercial and are willing to do some artistic modeling in exchange, contact me.

Please look over my portfolio at the link below to get a better understanding of what I do.

Check out the rest of my work at:

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Past Gallery Exhibits:
Wake Up Call: Gallery 181, Boston
Surreal Fantasies: Gallery 181, Boston
Selected Works of Dan Perez: Stel’s Gallery, Boston
Little Green Men: Gallery 181, Boston
Seekers And Visions: Gallery 181, Boston
The Burlesque Expo: Cambridge, Ma.
Home And Away: Bronfman Gallery, NYC
The Human Condition: Caladan Gallery, Boston
Spectrum Of time Embodied: Solo Show at Caladan Gallery, Boston

Featured in NY Arts Magazine

Upcoming Exhibits:
Roffi Salon and Gallery: Boston, March-April 2009
Boston Burlesque Expo, April 2009
Pearle St Gallery, May 2009