About Me

Photographer, after years of "just messing around" with it, pushing towards going pro while holding down a full time job in another field. Working on building up my skills, portfolio and contacts in the industry around Melbourne and the rest of the world.

While I'm keen to move in a fashion or commercial type direction, I'm broad-minded about photographic content and pretty much up for anything and everything; my portfolio needs to be far broader than it is, and pushing my limits is a great way to grow my skills.

In general, I'd rather shoot something flirty than something sexy, or something that's sensual rather than sexual.

I have a trained and experienced makeup artist who's also a very capable stylist available for most shoots (she's married to me, so finds it hard to get away). If she's not going to be present for the shoot, this will be disclosed.

I pride myself on my professionalism and strive to provide an environment that feels both safe and comfortable for all involved.

I'm keen to shoot with those both more and less experienced. I figure I can learn from those who know more, and can work with those who know the same (or less, hard as that is to imagine) to our mutual benefit. I don't do TFCD as such - you won't leave the shoot with a CD full of unprocessed images. I do TFP (P meaning prints), and provide high-res digital copies of all finished once I've finished my work of processing them (generally, this takes no more than a couple of weeks, but we can discuss that at the time). There's a bit more detail than that, but I'm sure you won't be feeling ripped off

References from models I've worked with are available upon request.