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Special FX Photography
Thank you very much for visiting my Model Mayhem Portfolio

I am easy going, I plan a shoot very well, I really like to have a sense of the person I am shooting with. I like the model to have fun during a shoot, and I like to have great pictures afterwards. I love having people smile after a shoot when they see the results.

My background and about me as a Photographer , Photoshop FX Artist (Photoshop Wizard) I am a member of NAPP (National Association of Photoshop Professionals), a Designer, an Artist, and as a Web designer....

In college I received three state awards for my photography, and I also won the Art Scholarship Award from my college my senior year for my photography, sketching, sculpture, and print making in art and I was not an Art major. My college senior year I was inducted into the national honorary Art Society and also Journalism Fraternity for my work as the schools newspaper and annual photographer. In my professional photography experience I have shot celebrities, been a photo consultant for famous attorneys, and has had some of my news shots sent round the world, and I have captured major news shots for the wire services. My work has also been on regional tours, and in the Fort Worth art museum. My training has included both sides of the camera and I have been trained at Eastman Kodak in photo lab technology, and I headed the technical department of a large photo lab as the chief technical expert for the lab in negative development, printing, and photo processing equipment repair, and lab QA chief. I have maintained my photography skills by taking many photography courses among one of my instructors, the late Dean Collins, who I am very proud to say my style is very close, and where I learned from Dean my love of special effects in imagery. I can do the special effects in real life in the studio or in Photoshop in Digital media. My sports photography special work in available light is one of the unusual areas I excels in. I have taken master courses in Photoshop and I delivers unprecedented results in making photographs, and other media one of a kind in composition and quality. I am just at home shooting with a view eight by ten camera back as a film or digital camera. I calibrate both my camera and print devices (computer or enlarger) to industrial standards to produce the highest quality image. In 2009 I was inducted into the Photography Hall of Fame for my lifetime work in the photographic field and given the title of Accredited Master Photographer. In 2011, I recieved the Lifetime Distinction of Honor for Photographic Achievement Award. I have also been in the TV broadcast field as a Chief Engineer and Production Director. I was chosen to work on the NASA Space Shuttle program and was a Video Documentation Engineering Specialist on the Shuttle program for three years.

In other media fields I have been named to Who's Who in Information Technology and another honor named to Cambridge Who's Who in the Registry of Executives, Professionals and Entrepreneurs for 2008-2009 and obtained VIP status in 2009 in Cambridge Who's Who organization. I have been named to this VIP status for my work in 2009, 2010, and just for the year 2011.

Since I can do Special effects in both the studio and in Photoshop, I feel the project determines the use of one media over the other this is, also influenced by the customer's deadlines requirements. When I make a compliment to a model it is honest and straight forward as it should be.

During all my extra time while doing other media related projects I made time to continue as a professional photographer... I am at present continuing my love of photography, music, theater, technical theater, and I am the co-founder of a new marketing firm.

At present I am looking for models to update my protfolio and a new website (this will be TF* work, and you will need to do your own hair and makeup), I have helped several models fulfill their dreams into national magazines. My process is simple first I will send you a friends request, then write me. now this is a long process my free time is not that much, but bear with me. Please send a tag, request as friend or message directly from this page if interested. I do make a good effort to get back to everyone.

Interested in working with me drop me an email: model@specialfxphotography.com

With my graphocs skills, I also do custom composite ("comp card") /ZED cards.

My best poses list photographs and model poses I really like that are very creative, they are great models too I hope to work with some day.